Keeping An Eye On Things – The 10 Best Guard Dogs

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When you hear the words ‘guard dog’ you should instantly think about protection. Whether you are protecting yourself or property, there are some dog breeds that excel at keeping a close eye on things while others are best suited as just being your pet.

But how do you determine which are going to do the job you need them for? Here’s a look at the 10 best guard dogs.


Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian Ridgeback

The Rhodesian Ridgeback was originally bred to be a hunting dog in Africa. They possess traits that reveal they are protective of family but not so much about strangers.

What makes this an interesting choice for a guard dog is that the Rhodesian Ridgeback only barks when they encounter something out of the ordinary. This dog is also muscular, independent and loyal.


Doberman Pinscher

Doberman PinscherThanks to the reputation of the ‘Dobie,’ you stand a very good chance at having all of your belongings ignored by most thieves. That’s because the mere sight of a Doberman Pinscher is enough to stop most bad people in their tracks.

The sleek body, built for speed and strong jaw filled with sharp, menacing teeth makes one of these your worst nightmare if you are on the wrong side of a fence.


German Shepherd

You already know that this is a working dog breed as many law enforcement agencies use them. The average German Shepherd makes a great family pet as it is as loyal as it is intense.

It will also turn on anyone trying to threaten that family or property. Highly intelligent, this dog can learn many tricks that will tip you off that an intruder is lurking about without tipping off that intruder.


Belgian Malinois

Known to have an intensity that rivals its drive, the Belgian Malinois is one tough cookie. Originally bred as a herding dog, it has become popular in recent years as a guard dog.

Whenever the word ‘intensity’ is used to describe a dog, you know you’d better pay attention. This breed is intensely intense, if that paints a picture for you.



Many lists put this breed either equal to or just following the Doberman Pinscher. Rotties have that look that pretty much scares off anyone intent on trying something stupid. Rottweilers are great family pets as they are actually easygoing in family units.

However, when threatened, all bets are off. With an intensely powerful jaw, once this dog sinks its teeth into something, expect a fight. Just hope that it’s not bitten into your flesh.



This is a breed that is characterized as being both intense and intelligent. An Akita is loyal to its family but not so fond of strangers. This makes them a perfect selection as one of the best guard dogs.

The instinctive need to be protective of the family unit means that if you are a visitor, you are classified as a stranger and will be treated accordingly.



KuvaszOddly enough, the Kuvasz was bred to guard livestock. So it already has that protective trait and unless it is provoked, you won’t see it in action. An otherwise sweet family pet.

Which, we know, sounds a bit contradictory but when you are talking about dogs as pets versus dogs for guarding, there are many of these combinations out there. Some are better with children than others.


Chinese Shar-Pei

Chinese Shar-PeiActually bred to be a farm dog, the Chinese Shar-Pei takes guarding the perimeter seriously. With the secret identity of a cute and cuddly family pet, when the need arises, this dog will protect that very same family.

Anytime you come across a breed that was intended for farming of any kind, expect a good working dog that takes the job of guarding seriously and can still be a good family pet.


Giant Schnauzer

Giant SchnauzerHere is a dog that comes with a lot of extra features. In addition to having an intimidating size, the Giant Schnauzer has a scary bark and a rather painful bite. It is one of those over protective dogs so expect it to take guarding to the extreme.

Oddly enough, as intense as this breed is when it comes to being watchful, it equals that intensity when it is playful. You could say it has a switch that takes it from one to the other.



This medium-sized herding dog is intelligent. It also has a very distinct corded long coat. In addition to being energetic, faithful and loyal, the Puli are extremely protective of its family.

Any breed with that trait makes it one of the best guard dogs. This is a great choice for an all-around dog for both the family and for being such a good protector of the family and surroundings.

Honorable Mention


KomondorThe Komondor was originally bred to protect livestock. Considered a combination of reserved and serious around strangers, this is another great choice for a guard dog.

What sort of makes this dog stand out is that the breeding process has over time created an animal that works best alone. This also enhances the ability for it to be an effective guard dog.

In Conclusion

Before you go out and start looking for your guard dog you need to do a few things first. You should have an idea of what kind of dog you need. Are you looking for a family pet and guard dog or just a guard dog?

Next, you should pull together a list of breeders in your area. If you have narrowed down the choices to a few breeds you would like most, visit those breeders. If you have small children, ensure that the dog is good with them.

After you find the right dog for your needs, be sure to take it home and do whatever you have to in order to familiarize it with the new surroundings. If your dog is just a guard dog, it still needs attention from you.

If the dog you are looking for is to also be a family pet, include your family in the selection process. The more involved family members are in this process, the easier it will be for them when the dog is ‘working.’

Finally, whatever dog you select, to ensure it has a long and happy life, feed it a well-balanced diet and keep a regularly scheduled vet visit in order to monitor the health of your dog. Even guard dogs need some TLC.

That’s what makes them the best guard dogs of all.

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