10 Reasons Why Sheltie Dogs Are The Best

Why sheltie are the best

If you find yourself leaning towards a particular brand or product, that shows you have a level of loyalty to that item. It can be a specific corporate brand, a type of vehicle or even a breed of dog.

As obsessed as this may sound in some circles, there is nothing wrong with being a fan about a particular type of item – even if it happens to be a dog. One such breed that has this kind of following is the Shetland Sheepdog – affectionately known as the Sheltie.

Fans of this breed have a lot to celebrate simply because Shelties have a number of amazing traits. Some of them are so amazing that we had to write this article about them. Here is a look at Shelties:




Sheltie Herding

This is a trait that goes back to their origins. The Sheltie comes from the Shetland Islands, located off of the coast of Scotland.

The rugged terrain forced the breed to become agile. It is also an alert and intelligent herder. This is a dog that not only likes its job, but it wants to learn more and enjoys learning more about it.



Sheltie with stickWith a combination of smarts and a mind for learning, the Sheltie is pretty easy to train. In fact, this is a dog that will do well in any task it picks up. Shelties are commonly used as service and therapy dogs and they happen to score high in dog sports.

Ranking as one of the top canine competitors in the world, you’ll see these dogs in such sporting events as rally, agility, herding and obedience. Which, by the way, they happen to be good at as well.



Sheltie running

You know the phrase, being followed around like a puppy dog, right? Well, it could very well have come from life with a Sheltie. These dogs are not only affectionate and playful, they are intensely devoted to their family.

This means that it is not uncommon to have a Sheltie at your heel just so it can be close to you. Just for fun, your Sheltie may even herd animals like chickens in your yard for something to do. Have a few children? Yup, expect them to get ‘herded’ from time to time.



Sheltie grabbing hand

Here’s the guard dog part of the Sheltie coming through. He will be a tad reserved with strangers but won’t be aggressive. You can expect some barking as a warning that someone unknown to your dog is around.

In fact, that’s sort of one of the interesting things about Shelties – their bark. They happen to be rather vocal. So, expect a lot of barking and you’ll eventually be able to translate good barking from bad barking and the language of each.


Love Children

There’s something about Shelties and children. They make a good dog to have in a family as they are so good with children. Gentle, playful, energetic are all words that can describe a play session between a Sheltie and a child or two.

In fact, if your children seem to have an endless store of energy, a Sheltie will outlast the most energetic of the bunch and still want to play some more. As mentioned about, your Sheltie is not going to miss an opportunity to herd children and you could easily teach yours to round up the family for dinner or bedtime.



There’s no getting away from it. The average Sheltie is a stunningly beautiful dog. It has an amazing flowing coat that waves like tall grass in the breeze. Plus, that coat comes in several different colors ranging from shades of sable to black and black merle.

The beauty of this breed does not end there. The long, refined head which contains such expressive eyes create an expression that most describe as gentle and intelligent.



Okay, we’ve mentioned barking but when you have a Sheltie in your family there is going to be a whole lot of conversation. Some of it will be in human voices using human words.

If you thought it might be a good idea to have a motion detector outside to warn you whenever someone or something was getting close to your front door or gate, with a Sheltie you get that and a whole lot more.

One word of caution…if excessive barking is not your cup of tea, then this is not the breed for you.



Sheltie grooming

We also briefly touched on the beauty of the Sheltie coat. What we didn’t say was that this happens to be a double coated, long-haired breed. This means that as heavy as it may look, the outer coat serves a very important purpose.

It keeps your dog warm and dry in all kinds of weather conditions. Then there’s the shedding. It does mean you are going to have to learn to brush your Sheltie’s coat at least weekly and bathe him every four to eight weeks. You’ll also need to provide flea and tick control for at least nine months of the year.



Shelties are loyal, fun and will become your best friend in no time. In many circles there is no better four-legged companion than a Sheltie.

This is a dog you can tell all your secrets to and be assured that they will remain protected and guarded at all costs.



Well, if you made it this far, you have to admit, the Shetland Sheepdog is one awesome little pooch. Packed with all kinds of great features in a body that is designed for durability, fun and a little bit of running around, jumping and climbing.

In Conclusion

What can we say about Shelties that hasn’t already been said? Clearly, if you are looking for a working dog that can be fun, a family member and also provide protection, then you may want to take a closer look at this breed. Shetland Sheepdogs are tough, sweet, energetic and fun to have around.

They are smart, can learn quickly and are not afraid to tell you when something is going on that they don’t particularly agree with. If you are seeking a dog that is good with children and can pretty much out last that most energy-filled child in the bunch, then a Sheltie could be just what you need to keep things under control.

Oh, as well as being your friend and secret keeper. There’s a lot more to the Sheltie than good looks and a stunning coat. Hopefully we’ve been able to share some of the best things about them with you here.

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