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  • dog confused

    List of Human Food for Dogs – The Good and Bad

    You’ve probably encountered this several times in your household. Table scraps following a meal. Do you give them to your dog or not? Some dog owners do, others do not. Typically the ones who do not give human food to their dogs are not doing it specifically to break a begging at the table habit. […] More

  • in

    Deep Sea Terror, A Goblin Shark Guide

    The words ‘goblin shark’ should paint a mental picture for you of a mysteriously looking, unusual kind of underwater creature. As it turns out, chances are few that you would even encounter one in open waters, and you may never see one in an aquarium, either. They are elusive, deep-water, bottom-living sharks that are nothing […] More

  • fossa

    King of Madagascar – A Guide to Fossa

    If your only exposure to this animal is through the 2005 American computer-animated comedy movie “Madagascar” and you thought they were made up – well, you were wrong. Just as the “Hollywood version” of the animal preys on lemurs and lives in the trees of Madagascar, there happens to be a lot of real life […] More

  • cockapoo chocolate

    A Curly Combination, A Guide to Cockapoo

    Not only is the word Cockapoo fun to say, the dog that it identifies is fun in so many ways.   The cockapoo is actually a mixed-breed dog. It is a cross between one of three Cocker Spaniel breeds and one of four different types of poodles. The combinations are American Cocker Spaniel, English Cocker […] More

  • savannah cat

    Savannah Cat Guide

    Have you ever wondered what would result if you could crossbreed a wild animal with a domesticated one? Well, one combination that may not instantly come to mind would be a pair of cats. Only the mixture would be a wild Africa cat known as the Serval. The domesticated cat would be say, your Siamese […] More

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