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We love animals and have always found them fascinating, and although it can be extremely
interesting learning more about them, scientific texts and informative guides take the fun out of everything!

So we decided to create this amazing website with the goal of spreading knowledge and all kinds
of cool information, so we can share our love for animals in a fun, easy to understand and accessible to everyone way.

At Zoo Awesome we carefully research and gather all the important information about all kinds of
animals, and then give it to you in an exciting and memorable way that will help you understand wildlife better.

On our site you will find unique, amazing, and truly fascinating stories about animals from different
parts of the world and different species that will give you important knowledge and help you
understand everything about them, all while having fun.

We also provide you with a unique animal guide, which is specially designed to teach the world
about all the different species without ever being boring and hard to understand, so you can see
how fascinating our furry friends can be.

Our guide will tell you everything you need to know, from the origin of each breed and species, to
their beautiful characteristics, quirky traits, unique habits, and all the reasons to love them!
This website is great for kids and adults of all ages, and generally everyone that wants to learn
more about the animal world.

It is a great tool for teachers, educators, and parents and it can answer all the questions your little
one has, or even the ones you have but never dared to ask!
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