7 Dog Breeds That Are Prone to Develop Cloven Paws (Dogs with Joined Paw Pads)

7 Dog Breeds That Are Prone to Develop Cloven Paws

What is a cloven paw?

From the word “cloven” which means “divide or split” and the word “paw” which means “the foot of an animal having claws or pads”, we can say that cloven paws mean the “splitting of the claws or pads of an animal.


Why do dogs have paw pads?

Pads in dogs are very important as they have a lot of functions in a dog’s feet:

  1. Pads help dogs to absorb shock.
  2. Paw pads help to protect a dog’s bone and joint in the foot.
  3. Pads help the dog to navigate slippery or steep slopes.
  4. The pads also help the dog pick out different types of regions.


7 Dogs with Joined Paw Pads 


1. Basenji


This breed basically originates from Congo.

They can trail a human or animal by scent and by sight, they were originally used to get small game for hunters and to control rodent populations in an area.

They also make great, loving, fun, family members.

On the forepart of its legs is a sixth claw, this breed likes to use its paws to clean its eyes or face. They have dewclaw.

Their pads should be white.


They get active with their paws to pounce on balls and toys when playing.

It has been noted that this breed is extremely clean but they like to avoid water. Basenjis should not be alone for many hours.


2. Golden retriever

Golden retriever

This amazing cloven paws breed isn’t only intelligent but very useful.

Just as its name implies, this breed is called golden retriever because it is used to retrieve anything thrown for it too.

It was originally trained to retrieve waterfowl such as ducks.

The golden retriever is an efficient swimmer and its cloven paw gives it more advantage of efficiency.

Golden retrievers are not only good bird dogs and family pets, they are also popular as service dogs for the disabled, and as search and rescue dogs as earlier stated.

They are contraband detection dogs too. This breed is very versatile.


3. Schnauzers


mini Schnauzers or just Schnauzers, We like to call this breed the “mustache dog”, this is because of its name’s meaning and it actually possesses a distinctive bearded muzzle.

Schnauzers are prone to develop cloven paws right from their early stage and this helps them to dig as they are bred to hunt rats and small wild animals that are harmful to crops and farm animals.

They dig to make holes as traps for their victim.

It is also a family dog and loves to have fun.

This dog breed is very loyal to its family and even its soft rattish appearance will put a smile on your face.


The males are 12 to 14 inches tall and they weigh about 11 to 18 pounds.

While the females are 11 to 13 inches tall and weigh about 10 to 15 pounds.


4. Labrador


lovely paws, funny pets is a good startup description of this breed, they are also called Labrador retrievers, bred to hunt, and are highly trainable.

They have an undercoat that helps to protect them in cold temperatures and also love to swim.

Sure, they make an excellent family pet but must be well taken care of every time.

They require adequate exercise, and if not provided, or if they are left alone, a Labrador retriever can become destructive.

This breed can live for about 10-12 years long.



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5. Coydogs

Image. Reddit

This breed is a hybrid between a coyote and a dog. Wondering what a coyote is?

Well, a coyote is a wild dog that resembles the wolf and a native to North America.

This breed should be adopted as a pet for its unpredictable nature and Piercy eyes.

Coydogs are not playful and outgoing and likely to bite at the slightest fear or anger.


Four toes with claws can be found in the front and in the hind feet, their footpad has a rough shape of a triangle.

The hindfoot is slightly smaller than the forepart of the foot and has or leaves a smaller footpad.

Coydogs are sometimes mistaken for coywolves, the coywolves are more common.


6. English toy spaniel

English toy spaniel

Guess the first interesting information I got about this dog, It is a breed that serves as a companion of kings.

So if you feel like a king or queen then this breed is totally for you, it has an amazing personality.

They love to be pampered and are bright, loving, and willing to play.

This breed has a square, snub-nose (which is believed to be gotten from a pug due to cross-breeding) and a large rounded vault-shaped head.

The English toy spaniel is a famous breed, it is also known as King Charles spaniel. It’s a beautiful lapdog with cloven paws.


7. Giant Schnauzer

Giant Schnauzer

As loyal, intelligent, loving, and hard-working this breed is, it’s not entirely good to keep them as pets although they will make a good companion.

They are better as guard dogs or police dogs.

Giant schnauzer has a tall sturdy build, it has a dense coat and their distinguished beard and loving dark oval eyes are the first things you’ll notice about them.

Their main work is guarding and police work.


They are about 25-27 inches tall in males and are about 23-25 inches tall for females.

Giant Schnauzer weighs 60-85 pounds as males and 55-75 pounds as females.



All these dogs have been proven to possess cloven paws (some even possess a barrel chest) as they actively use them to perform different tasks in their day-to-day lives.

They all are intelligent and have likable traits except the coydogs.

Some are bred for hunting, while others are just loving family pets, watch out for the ones you shouldn’t keep as pets though.


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