Akita Great Pyreness Mix (Great Pakita) – Info, Pictures, & Facts

Akita Great Pyreness Mix (Great Pakita)

The Akita Great Pyrenees mix, also known as the Great Pakita, is a hybrid breed that combines the strength and loyalty of the Akita with the gentle and protective nature of the Great Pyrenees.


This unique mixed breed is known for its friendly temperament, intelligence, and protective instincts.




22-28 inches



75-100 lb



10-12 years


Group (of Breed)



Best Suited For

active families with kids and other pets, experienced dog owners



affectionate, loyal, playful, active, intelligent, curious, protective



The Akita Great Pyrenees Mix, also known as the Great Pakita, is a designer dog breed that crosses the Akita and the Great Pyrenees.


Although this mixed breed’s origin is unknown, it is believed to have originated in the United States, where it was bred to combine the best traits of its parent breeds.


The Akita Great Pyrenees Mix is a loyal, protective, loving companion that makes an excellent family pet. It is also a great watchdog because of its protective nature.



The Great Pakita’s coat can vary, depending on which parent breed is more dominant. However, most Akita Great Pyrenees mixes have a thick, fluffy coat that sheds seasonally.


While they are not hypoallergenic, regular grooming can help to minimize shedding. Expect to brush your Great Pakita at least once weekly to keep its coat in optimal condition.


You can use a slicker brush to remove loose fur, mats, and tangles. The Great Pakita comes in various colors: black, white, brown, orange, and grey.



The Great Pakita is a gentle giant that makes an excellent family pet.


They have a loving and protective nature, and their loyalty knows no bounds.


The Great Pakita is great with children and other animals but can be reserved with strangers.


They are intelligent and curious, always eager to learn new things.


However, they can sometimes be stubborn, which requires patience and persistence during training.


Exercise Requirements

The Great Pakita loves daily exercise and requires a minimum of one hour of daily activity.


Taking them on long walks, playing with them, and giving them plenty of opportunities to run around will keep them happy and healthy.


The Akita Great Pyrenees Mix is relatively easy to train if you start early and use positive reinforcement.


They are eager to please their owners and have a great sense of loyalty.



The Akita Great Pyrenees Mix is a large breed and requires a balanced diet to maintain good health.


Their diet should consist of high-quality kibble or wet food tailored to their age, size, and activity level.


Treats should be given in moderation to avoid overfeeding, and always have fresh water available.


Common Health Problems

Like all breeds, the Great Pakita is susceptible to certain health problems.


Some of the most common health concerns that affect this breed include hip dysplasia, bloat, and cancer.


Hip dysplasia is when the hip joint doesn’t develop correctly, causing pain and mobility issues.


Bloat occurs when the stomach fills with gas and twists, a life-threatening condition that requires immediate veterinary attention.


Cancer is also relatively common in older Great Pakitas, and regular vet checkups are necessary.



The Akita Great Pyrenees Mix, also known as the Great Pakita, is an excellent breed that makes an ideal family pet.


If you’re looking for a loyal, gentle, and protective companion, the Great Pakita is your dog.


They require regular grooming, love daily exercise, and positive reinforcement during training.


Remember to feed them a balanced diet, provide plenty of fresh water, and take them to regular vet checkups to keep them healthy.


With the right care and love, the Great Pakita will be a devoted and loyal companion for many years.


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