Are Dogs Allowed In Fred Meyer? (Policy You Should Know)

Are Dogs Allowed In Fred Meyer

While there are multiple different stores that currently allow pets, there are many others that also don’t.

And unfortunately, Fred Meyer is on the list of stores that do not allow pets into their store.

While they do not allow pets, they still do allow service animals into their store.


In 2017, a woman suffering from fibromyalgia and degenerative disc disease stated that she was banned from Fred Meyer as her service dogs were not leashed.

however, it was due to her disease that she was unable to leash her pets.

Following the incident, she was banned from the store with the store manager directing her out.


According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, store staff are able to ask customers with dogs in the store if they are service animals.

And if your pet is a service animal, the store must allow the animal to stay.

Although there is an increasing amount of pet-friendly stores to visit, there are also many places that do not allow dogs that are not service dogs.

One main reason why many stores do not allow pets is due to sanitary and hygiene standards.



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Does Fred Meyers Allow Dogs?

While Fred Meyers allows service dogs into their stores, there are still some policies that you should take note of before bringing them in.

These policies include:


  • Stores cannot ask customers with service animals to leave
  • If a dog growls, attacks, licks, or sniffs any merchandise, the store has grounds to remove the dog from the premise
  • Identification may be necessary to prove that the dog is a service animal


If you are unsure if your nearest Fred Meyer, or any other stores, in particular, allow dogs, it is ideal to give them a call before visiting.

As rules and managers constantly change, one branch may welcome your dog while another does not.

To avoid this, remember to give your local store a call beforehand to check on their dog policy.


What Stores Allow Dogs?

dog parking

There is typically a no-dog policy at any store which sells food, such as grocery stores.

This is due to sanitary and hygiene issues that may arise.

Fortunately, there are still other stores you can visit which are pet friendly.

Some of these include:

  • Barnes and Noble
  • Home Depot
  • Hobby Lobby
  • Pottery Barn
  • Apple Store
  • Home Goods


One store that typically allows pets would be pet supply stores.

These stores can also help your dog with socialization with other animals and people.


Tips When Bringing Your Dog to Stores

If you decide to bring your dog out to stores, there are some rules you should follow, including:

  • Ensuring that your dog is on a leash
  • No barking
  • Watch your dog’s body language
  • Giving others ample space
  • Cleaning up any potential accidents


It is important to keep them comfortable when visiting stores.

Remember that not everyone may love your dog and you should be considerate and give others ample room to shop.

Remember to look out for your dog and others around you, to make sure that they are not uncomfortable with a dog around.


Final Thoughts

Overall, while Fred Meyers may not allow pets into the premises, they may allow service dogs to accompany you while you are doing your grocery shop.

As mentioned, different stores may have different policies.

Thus, you should check if your local store is pet-friendly before venturing in.

Different owners and stores have different reasons for their pet policy and it is best to respect their policies too.


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