Australian Shepherd Catahoula Leopard Mix (Ausahoula) Info, Pictures, & Facts

The Ausahoula is an interesting and unique mix of the Australian Shepherd and Catahoula Leopard Dog.


They are intelligent, loyal, and devoted companions and make great family pets.


Ausahoulas come in red, black, spotted, merle, and cream colors.


They are well-suited for active households and regular exercise to keep them happy and healthy.


This breed can get along with children, cats, and other dogs with proper socialization.


Check out the latest info and facts on these fascinating creatures!




20-26 inches


40-90 lb


10-14 years

Group (of Breed)


Best Suited For

active families with kids and other pets experienced dog owners


affectionate, loyal, intelligent, active, eager-to-please, alert, protective



The Australian Shepherd Catahoula Leopard mix is a new designer hybrid dog created by crossing the Australian Shepherd with the Catahoula Leopard Dog.


This mix combines the boundless energy and intelligence of the Aussie with the natural herding instinct and drives of the Catahoula to create a beautiful, loyal, and hardworking dog that is intelligent and has a strong work ethic.


The Australian Shepherd Catahoula Leopard mix is a great companion for active owners looking for an all-around family pet.



The Australian Shepherd Catahoula Leopard mix usually has a medium-length, dense double coat varying shades of brown, black, and white.


Shedding can be moderate to heavy, so regular brushing is recommended. 


Grooming needs include regular brushing to prevent mats and occasional bathing.


Its coat should also be trimmed around the feet and ears from time to time to maintain its neat appearance.



The Australian Shepherd Catahoula Leopard mix is an active and affectionate dog that loves being around its family.


It is intelligent and eager to please, making it easy to train.


It is known for its strong herding instinct and might try to herd children or other animals. 


Ausahoula is alert, protective, and loyal, making it a good guardian dog.


Ausahoula loves to be around its family but can also tolerate being left alone for short periods.


Its mix of athletic and loyal qualities makes it an active and fun companion for the right family.


Exercise Requirements

The Australian Shepherd Catahoula Leopard mix requires a lot of physical and mental stimulation to stay healthy and happy.


Exercise requirements for this breed include daily walks, trips to the dog park, agility courses, and plenty of gameplay. 


Training is also important to help them learn basic commands and to hone their obedience skills.


Socialization should be done with other animals and people to keep your pup socialized and well-mannered. 



The Ausahoula has a moderate dietary requirement, with food tailored to the individual’s age and activity level.


Generally, high-quality dry dog food with plenty of protein and essential fats is ideal.


Additionally, occasional treats and raw foods such as meats, fruits, and vegetables are recommended.


Owners should always keep an eye on their dog’s weight to ensure they’re consuming the right amounts of food for their activity level.


Common Health Problems

Hip and Elbow Dysplasia are common conditions in Australian Shepherd Catahoula Leopard Mixes.


The breed is also prone to Epilepsy and Obesity, which can lead to additional health problems.


Patellar Luxation, where the kneecap becomes dislocated, can also be an issue for this breed.


Gastric Dilatation Volvulus (GDV), a condition where the stomach swells and then twists, is another condition to watch out for.


Vaccinations, exercise, and a proper diet are essential to maintain the health of an Australian Shepherd Catahoula Leopard Mix.



The Australian Shepherd Catahoula Leopard mix is a unique and beautiful breed loyal, intelligent, and active.


They are devoted to their families and are excellent with children.


Ausahoula requires a lot of exercise and attention but thrive when given love and training.


They also need ample mental stimulation to prevent them from becoming bored.


This hybrid may be prone to potential health issues, so owners must be aware of any signs of illness or discomfort.


The Australian Shepherd Catahoula Leopard mix is an outstanding companion that will bring much joy to its owners.


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