Blue Heeler Pitbull Mix (Pit Heeler) Info, Pictures, & Facts

Are you a dog lover?


Are you looking for a new addition to your family?


Then look no further!


The Blue Heeler Pitbull mix, commonly known as the Pit Heeler, may just be the perfect blend for you.


This unique hybrid of two distinct breeds has been gaining popularity among dog enthusiasts for some time now. 




17-24 inches


35-60 lb


12-15 years

Group (of Breed)


Best Suited For

Active families, those looking for a low-shedding dog


Loyal, Loving, Hardworking, Headstrong, Always Looking to Please



The Blue Heeler Pitbull mix is a relatively new breed with an unknown origin.


However, we can learn about them by examining the characteristics of their parent breeds.


The Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) and the Pitbull.


The Blue Heeler, also known as Queensland Heeler, originated from Australia and was bred for herding cattle.


The breed got its name from its blue coat and known ability to nip at the heels of the cattle to move them around.


On the other hand, the Pitbull originated from England and was initially bred for bull-baiting.


The dog was later used for fighting due to their incredible strength, loyalty, and endurance.



The Blue Heeler Pitbull mix has a short, sleek, and dense coat in various colors, including blue, black, white, and brown.


Some dogs may have a mixture of these colors.


This dog breed may also have a pattern on its coat that is similar to the Blue Heeler’s coat.


The Blue Heeler Pitbull mix is a moderate to heavy shedder, and pet parents must brush the dog regularly to prevent hair matting and tangling.


Also, taking the dog to the groomer for regular bathing and trimming the nails will help keep the dog clean and healthy.



Blue Heeler Pitbull mixes are known to be intelligent, loyal, friendly, and protective.


However, they are also known to be stubborn, which can make training more of a challenge.


They are excellent watchdogs and can become overly protective of their owners and territory.


Proper socialization from an early age is imperative to reduce potential aggression towards strangers and other animals.


Exercise Requirements

Blue Heeler Pitbull mixes require a lot of exercises and mental stimulation.


They enjoy outdoor activities like running, hiking, and swimming.


A daily walk and playtime in a fenced yard are a must.


These dogs love to learn and are easily trainable.


Positive reinforcement techniques such as praise and rewards work exceptionally well.


However, due to their stubborn streak, starting their training early is best.



A healthy diet is crucial for Pit Heelers.


They require a high-protein diet supplemented by vitamins and minerals.


Consult with your veterinarian to determine a healthy feeding schedule and portion sizes.


You should also ensure they have access to clean drinking water.


Common Health Problems

Blue Heeler Pitbull mixes can suffer from certain health problems like all dogs.


These can include hip dysplasia, skin problems, and allergies.


However, with proper exercise, nutrition, and regular visits to the veterinarian, you can help to reduce these risks.



The Blue Heeler Pitbull mix is an exciting breed offering a unique blend of both parent breeds.


They make excellent companions for active families looking for a loyal and protective dog.


While they can have their challenges, proper training and care can help to alleviate any issues.


Owning a Pit Heeler can be an incredibly rewarding experience.


With their loving temperament and loyalty to their owners, they will become inseparable members of your family.


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