Border Collie Lab Mix – Looks, Personality, Care, And Training Tips

Border Collie Lab Mix - Looks, Personality, Care, And Training Tips

If you’re like most people, you’re probably looking for the perfect pet. And if you’re anything like me, that means finding a crossbreed that has the best of both worlds.


So, if you’re considering a Border Collie Lab mix, you’ll want to read on!


Are you considering adding a Border Collie Lab mix to your family? This dog is sure to be a loyal and loving companion. But before you make that commitment, it’s important to learn about what goes into caring for this breed. In addition, be prepared for some challenging training sessions.


In this post, we’ll discuss what these dogs look like, their personality traits, how to care for them, and some training tips. Keep reading to learn more!


What Is a Border Collie Lab Mix?

border collie lab mix dog
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A border collie lab mix is a dog that is made when a pure breed Labrador retriever is mixed with a pure breed border collie.


It is a mix of two pure breeds, and it gets its physical and behavioral characteristics from both these breeds.


Here are the basic facts you need to know about it.


It’s Appearance


1. Size

Fully matured border collie lab mixes are medium to large size dogs. Border collie lab mixes have an average height of 9 to 24 inches.


2. Color

Border collie lab mixes have a double hair coat because Labrador retrievers and border collies both have coats. These coats colors range from red, yellow, brown, black, and white.


A border collie lab mix might have two or three colors on its coat. There are also border collie lab mix short hair dogs.


3. Facial features

Most border collie lab mix puppies have been said to have pointy noses. However, this might change as the border collie matures.



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It’s Personality


1. Intelligence

Normally, the border collie lab mixes’ big dominant personality trait is their high intelligence.


This intelligence comes from the border collie, one of the parent breeds mixed to produce a border collie lab mix, which is the smartest dog breed in the world.


Its high intelligence makes it easy to train many activities and instructions.


2. Interaction with people

Border collie lab mixes are very friendly to everyone. 


3. Activity Level

Border collie lab mixes are very playful dogs. They enjoy a range of activities such as running, swimming, hiking, and playing fetch. Border collie lab mixes enjoy large amounts of attention. 


They like to play and be stimulated both physically and mentally. When they are deprived of attention, they become destructive, resulting in chewing random things and digging.


If you would like to own a border collie lab mix dog, you should ensure that you can provide it with the required amount of mental and physical stimulation.


Are Border Collie Labs Good for Families with Children?

border collie mix puppies
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This makes them unsuitable to be used as protection dogs but are great as family dogs. Additionally, border collie lab mixes are very gentle with children.


This is a major point of consideration if you’re looking to own a border collie lab mix and you have children in your family.


How Long Do Border Collie Lab Mixes Live?

They have a lifespan of between 10 to 15 years.


Tips for Caring for a Border Collie Lab


1. Feed your border collie lab mix on a schedule

Have a schedule for feeding your border collie foods that will keep it healthy and energetic. It is not advisable to free-feed your border collie as they tend to overeat, leading to conditions such as obesity.


Obesity in border collie lab mixes might result in bad health. To avoid obesity and ill health, set aside specific times to feed your border collie lab mix.


2. Clean their teeth

It is paramount to clean the teeth of your border collie lab mix from the time it is a puppy.


Cleaning their teeth through brushing can help avoid diseases such as periodontal disease.


3. Grooming

This dog is a very hairy dog. Therefore, always ensure to brush the coats of your border collie lab mix regularly.


Brushing is not only soothing to your dog but also helps to remove loose hair.


The process of removing this loose hair reduces the amount of shedding that it has.


It is not always necessary to trim the coat of your border collie lab mix. In case you’re wondering, “how will I keep my border collie lab cool during the summer if I don’t trim its coat?” Surprisingly, border collie lab mixes have mechanisms to regulate their temperature during all seasons.


4. Exercise and Activity

Ensure that you provide your border collie lab mix with at least an hour of physical activity on a daily basis.


You can keep them active by taking long walks, running, swimming, and playing games such as fetch. It is not advisable to get a border collie lab mix if you do not enjoy physical activities or cannot provide it with physical activity.


As border collie lab mixes are highly intelligent dogs, it is important to keep their minds stimulated. You can do this by getting them toys such as dog puzzles.


How To Train a Border Collie Lab Mix Puppy?

  1. Start training your dog as early as 3 months old.
    The sooner you start training, the easier it will be for both you and your dog.
  2. Be consistent with your commands.
    If you give your dog a command one day and then don’t follow through the next, he’ll quickly learn to ignore you.
  3. Reward your dog for good behavior.
    Positive reinforcement is the key to successful training.
  4. Be patient with the process.


Final Take Away

Border collie lab mixes are a popular crossbreed because they inherit the best qualities of both parents.


They are bred for their intelligence and energy, so they are easy to train and highly obedient.


They are also loving and loyal companions, and make good family pets. It’s a great choice!


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