Can You Use Head And Shoulders On Dogs?

Can You Use Head And Shoulders On Dog

The big question for people who just stumbled upon this is; what are head and shoulders?

It sounds like some fancy procedure carried out on dogs.

Head and shoulders is a shampoo that is manufactured for human skin mainly to avoid dandruff.

The fact that it is manufactured for humans does not stop dog owners from using it on their dog’s skin against flaking and other skin conditions such as excessive dandruff.


The question is usually whether you can safely use it on your dog’s skin mainly against dandruff and flaky skin.

Many dog owners have confessed to using the well-known shampoo on their dog’s skin with and without prior knowledge on whether doing that is safe.

The shampoo is as safe as can be to use on your dog because it induces the same reaction as it would when applied to human skin making it generally safe for your dog.


Here is more on what you should look out for once you start to use the “head and shoulders” shampoo on your dog’s skin and other tips.


Why use head and shoulders on your dog’s skin?

Head and shoulders is a shampoo that is mainly manufactured for human skin to reduce the amount of dandruff and the itch that is usually felt on the skin.

Why then use it on your dog’s skin?

This shampoo is very popular for being effective in reducing dandruff on human skin.

Especially the hair scalp while countering the itch as well.


A dog owner with a dog that has flaky skin would try it out to help their dog.

This is especially after the flaky skin causes really bad itchiness on their skin and they start to scratch themselves to the point where they are bleeding.

It is there and then where the shampoo would come into play.


Dandruff in human scalps is technically what flaky skin is on dog skin.

Both can be very uncomfortable and can cause itchiness that leads to bleeding.


Is it safe for your dog?

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The main question is always whether the shampoo is safe and has chemicals that will be safe for your dog’s skin and fur coat.

The shampoo in question has been carefully manufactured for human use.

Normally, it is always advised against using cosmetic products and all other kinds of products designed for humans on your dog.

This is because the product could cause a very big rash or even skin infections for your dog.


This shampoo, however, is an exception.


What makes this shampoo is safe for your dog?

The shampoo has been proved safe to use on your pup but in moderation.

It has been used by so many dog owners with dogs that exhibit flaky skin.

And has been said to work almost as perfectly as it does in humans.

The main ingredient found in the shampoo is a product called ZPT, which is Zinc pyrithione usually in very small amounts making it safe to use for your pup.


The ZPT chemical ingredient is a substance that is soluble in water.

It helps treat flaky skin in dogs, dandruff in humans, and all the underlying causes.

Which could be the main reason why the skin has continuous problems with dandruff and flaky skin.


The cause of worry would be how the ZPT reacts to your dog’s skin.

Worry not because the effect of ZPT on your dog’s skin similar to the effect it has on normal human skin.



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What to consider about using heads and shoulder shampoo for your dog?

However, there is still stuff to consider when it comes to permanently using the shampoo on your dog’s skin.

As said before, it is a human-based product meaning the best thing to do with it is use it in moderation on your dog’s skin.

It is advisable to use some little shampoo at first to monitor whether the shampoo may have adverse effects on your dog’s skin.

Especially because dogs have more sensitive skin as compared to human skin.


The other thing to note is that your dog has fewer layers of cells as compared to humans.

Thus making it easier to have complications from the shampoo than humans.


There is also the point that explains that your dog has a pH balance that is higher than that of humans.

The above makes dog skin easier to get infections and complications from using the shampoo regularly.


A more detailed explanation is that dog shampoos and human shampoos are manufactured in different ways and with different quantities in products to cater to the varying pH of the different types of skin.

Dog shampoos are made to cater to skin with a pH of around 7.

While human shampoos are made to cater to a pH of about 5.5 which is more on the acidic side than that of a dog’s skin.


What else can heads and shoulders be used for?

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Apart from flaky skin, there are a few conditions that shampoo can help.

Here are a few of them and what the condition is about:


1. Seborrhea

This condition is very similar to having flaky skin but with lots of itchiness and inflammation.

The dry skin accumulates and blocks the oil glands on the skin.

Making your dog have a greasy fur coat that may emit foul body odor in extreme cases.

This condition is often associated with oily skin which is not the case.

After using the shampoo, the flaky skin is gotten rid of along the skin to produce oil normally without it accumulating under dry skin.


2. Fleas on your dog’s fur coat

The shampoo provides a fast solution to your flea problem.

The shampoo kills the fleas on your dog’s body and the remaining fleas that do not die are weakened.

All you need to after is rinse the shampoo off and the fleas off their body.



“Heads and shoulders” is safe for dog use only if used in moderation.

This is mainly because the product is mainly made for human skin that has a bit of variation as compared to dog’s skin.

This technically means that excessive use may have adverse effects and complications.


For any other queries about the shampoo and the effect on your Lil pup, it is always advised to seek your vet’s assistance.


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