Chicken Broth For Cats – Is it Safe?

Chicken Broth For Cats

Did you know that human beings have enjoyed chicken broth since 500 BC?

Besides being delicious, chicken soup packs a lot of healthy nutrients and is even said to have medicinal properties.

And for a pet parent, you might be wondering, is chicken broth good for cats?


Chicken broth is perfect for cats if it is plain and homemade . Repacked cat broth, on the other hand, is not healthy as it may contain ingredients like onions that are harmful to cats. Also, do not feed your cat chicken bones as they can choke him.


If you have always considered adding cat broth to your feline’s diet, why not let them have some chicken soup?

Even the pickiest feline cannot resist the drawing aroma of freshly made chicken broth.

Also, cat broth from chicken bones packs a lot of nutrients we are going to discuss below.


What is chicken broth made of?

chicken broth

Chicken broth is chicken bones boiled in water.

When served plain to a cat, it is the best treat you could give him.

It surpasses any chewy or crunchy cat treats you buy from the pet store.


So why is cat broth a healthy treat?

cat with empty bowl

One of the benefits your feline enjoys from cat broth is getting all the healthy ingredients he needs.

Also, since it is homemade, there are no harmful additives for him to worry about.


In a nutshell, cat broth has the following benefits;

  • Detoxifies the liver
  • Improves joint health
  • Promotes a healthy immune system
  • Improves digestive tract
  • Hydrates your cat
  • Great for aging cats




When preparing chicken soup for cats, ensure you take away the chicken bones before serving. Chicken bones can choke or puncture your cat's gut system.



Cat broth detoxifies the liver

Chicken broth contains the ingredient glycine which is the main amino acid in collagen.

Glycine helps your cat’s body produce antioxidants that purify body organs like the liver.

Also, glycine is part of the amino acids that produce the component, creatine, which feeds the muscles with energy.


Scientist have discovered that glycine can help in;

  • Collagen production
  • Improving sleep
  • Protect body organs like liver and heart from damage
  • Protect against muscle loss
  • Improve symptoms of feline diabetes


Improve joint health

Chicken soup packs plenty of protein and collagen which is essential for joint health.

Collagen is the protein used for the formation of joints, cartilage, and bones.


Cat broth from chicken bones also contains the compounds chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine.

These two compounds promote joint health and improve symptoms of arthritis.


Boosts the immune system

Chicken soup is rich in the ingredient selenium which improves immune system response.

This helps your cat to fight diseases and infections faster and effectively.

Also, chicken soup carries antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that directly benefit your cat.


Improves digestive health

Besides improving the joints, collagen also promotes a healthy gut in your cat.

It lines and strengthens intestinal walls protecting them from damage.

Improved digestion means better nutrient absorption for your cat.


With the strengthened intestinal walls, the chances of bacteria and any other germ seeping through into the bloodstream are slim.

Feed your feline chicken broth and watch them enjoy their best life now.


Hydrates your cat

Unlike dogs, cats are not good at self-hydration.

If your cat does not drink much water, you can keep them well hydrated with cat broth made from chicken bones.

No cat can resist the tantalizing aroma of freshly brewed bone soup with lots of hydrating qualities in it.


Perfect for old cats

As cats age, it becomes harder for them to digest kibble as efficiently as before.

Some cats lose their appetite as they advance into their senior years.


So how do you still keep an old cat healthy and interest in mealtime?

Easy, throw in chicken soup into the diet.

Chicken soup is easy to digest and carries enough nutrients to keep an old cat healthy.


You could also mix chicken broth with kibble to entice an aging cat to eat.

Chicken soup is good for the bones and immunity of an old cat.


Is Chicken broth good for cats?

Chicken soup is perfectly fine for your cat if prepared at home.

You should, however, be careful about repacked soup bought from the stores.

Pre-packed soup may contain harmful ingredients that can harm your cat.


Repacked cat broth may contain;

  • Excess salt – too much salt will cause dehydration in your cat. And given that cats are not good drinkers, they may end up suffering extreme effects of dehydration.
  • Onions and garlic – these two ingredients contain a harmful compound that destroys red blood cells. It could lead to hemolytic anemia in your cat.
  • Harmful minerals like lead. Lead poisoning in cats causes vomiting and diarrhea. In worse cases, it can lead to seizures

Stick to homemade chicken broth if you will be sharing it with your cat.

Make sure you do not feed your cat the bones.


Chicken bones when cooked become brittle and easily break when chewed.

The splinters from the bones can puncture your cat’s throat or cause them to choke.


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Chicken broth is good for all cats.

When served plain, it carries lots of vitamins and minerals that will benefit your cat.

Keep your cat away from repacked soup or the chicken bones used to prepare the broth.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Vegetable broth is safe for cats if it does not contain veggies that are harmful to cats. Avoid feeding your cat broth that contains onions or garlic. Also, keep your cat away from vegetable or bone broth that contains rhubarb and wild mushrooms.

Lean beef, skinless chicken or turkey, and lamb are some of the human foods our feline friends love. You could also feed your cat vegetables like asparagus, broccoli, carrots, and spinach.

Appetite loss in cats can be caused by sickness, dental issues, or a sudden dislike of a food brand. You could coerce your cat to eat by mixing its meals with chicken broth. Bone broth has a meaty flavor that cats like

Soft foods are the best for a sick cat. Feed your cat canned foods (wet foods) as opposed to kibble (dry food). You could also feed your cat chicken broth which is still healthy for a sick cat.


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