Chow Chow Pomeranian Mix (Pom Chow) Info, Pictures, & Facts

Pom Chows are an increasingly popular designer dog breed, with a unique combination of characteristics in both the Chow Chow and the Pomeranian.


These highly intelligent, loyal, and gentle dogs blend the best of their parent breeds, making them wonderful companions for families.


They typically weigh between 10-25 pounds and come in different colors and coat lengths.


Personality-wise, Pom Chows are easily trained and make devoted, playful, and affectionate pets.


If you’re looking for an active, loving pup that will bring plenty of joy to your home, then the Pom Chow might be the perfect fit!




9-16 inches


10-25 lb


9-13 years

Group (of Breed)


Best Suited For

active families with kids and other pets experienced dog owners


affectionate, alert, loyal, active, intelligent



The Chow Chow Pomeranian mix is a hybrid breed created by crossing the Chow Chow and Pomeranian breeds.


While the exact origin of this mix is unknown, it is believed to have been created in the United States in the late 20th century.


This mix is known for its intelligence, loyalty, and loving nature, as these two breeds share those qualities.


While not considered a ‘true’ breed, this mix has become increasingly popular in homes worldwide.




Chow Chow Pomeranian mixes have thick double coats ranging from shades of black, brown, cream, and white.


They may have a combination of the Chow’s straight or curly fur and the Pomeranian’s fluffy coat.


They may shed moderately or heavily depending on their genes.


Their coat needs regular brushing and trimming to prevent knots and tangles.


Depending on their genes, they may be a low to moderate-maintenance breed that needs regular grooming, including haircuts and baths.



A chow chow pomeranian mix is generally friendly and does well with families.


They are alert, loyal, and active, yet don’t require much exercise.


They have an independent nature and can be somewhat stubborn.


Early socialization is key to getting the most out of their personality.


These dogs can be wary and aloof of strangers, so they must be introduced to new people and pets in a controlled environment.


Obedience training is also important to ensure they develop good manners and socialize properly.


Exercise Requirements

The chow chow pomeranian mix dogs have been known to have a lot of energy and require good exercise to stay healthy.


Daily walks at least twice a day and playtime in an enclosed space are recommended.


They should also get plenty of mental stimulation through activities like agility and obedience training to keep them engaged and sharp.


Taking them out for socialization is also important.


Because of their small size, they can live in an apartment but need a secure yard area with fencing when outdoors.



A Chow Chow Pomeranian mix requires a balanced diet high in protein and low in fat.


They should be fed a diet specifically designed for their breed and size.


Wet, semi-moist, dry, and fresh vegetables are all suggested parts of their diet.


Treats should also be kept to a minimum and be healthy choices such as fruits and vegetables.


High-quality dog food is advised as it helps ensure the pet’s optimal health.


Most importantly, the mix should be given plenty of fresh, clean water to stay hydrated throughout the day.


Common Health Problems


Chowchow-Pomeranian mixes are prone to several common health issues, including hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, and eye problems.


Hip dysplasia develops because of malformed hip joint development, often causing pain, lameness, and arthritis.


Patellar luxation is a knee joint dislocation that can cause pain and a limp.


Eye problems can range from minor irritations to serious infections and vision loss.


It is important to regularly monitor these issues and have your pet checked by a veterinarian periodically.



The chow chow pomeranian mix is a unique and special dog due to the unique qualities possessed by both its parent breeds.


This breed has a fluffy coat, an independent spirit, and intelligence.


Its sociable nature means it’s the perfect companion for a family.


This mix is low energy but still requires regular exercise and mental stimulation.


It can be a bit stubborn and protective at times, but this breed is great for those looking for an intelligent and loyal companion.


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