Dachshund Pointer Mix – Info, Pictures, & Facts

The Dachshund Pointer Mix is a unique blend of two active and energetic breeds, a cross between a Dachshund and a Pointer.


It’s a great hybrid for people who appreciate the loyalty of a pointer but need a smaller pooch that can adapt to apartment living.


The combination of the two breeds makes for an intelligent and friendly pup.


With its unique look, the Dachshund Pointer mix will turn heads wherever it goes.


Here, learn more about this delightful breed, including its temperament and care needs.




18-22 inches


30-50 lb


12-15 years

Group (of Breed)


Best Suited For

active families with kids and other pets experienced dog owners


loyal, playful, active, outgoing, friendly



The dachshund pointer mix originates from the combination of two different purebred dogs.


They are a mix of the dachshund, a short-legged hunting dog, and German Shorthaired Pointer, a medium-sized hunting dog with a sleek body and an alert yet gentle demeanor.


These two breeds were likely combined to create a friendly and hardworking dog.


The resulting dachshund pointer mix has since become a popular companion pet for families.



The dachshund pointer mix has an interesting coat. It is smooth and wiry, with a dense undercoat that gives off a sheen.


Coloring can vary greatly and may include black, brown, fawn, silver, yellow, or even a combination.


The coat should be brushed regularly to keep it looking healthy and avoid any tangles or knots.


This breed also benefits from occasional baths and frequent nail trimmings.


With some basic grooming habits, this mix should have a well-kept coat that turns heads!



The Dachshund Pointer mix has an outgoing and friendly temperament.


They are truly a mix of the two parent breeds, combining the independence and cleverness of the Dachshund with the loyalty and high energy of the Pointer.


Dachshund Pointer Mix generally gets along well with children and other pets but may be too hyper for small children.


They also tend to make great watchdogs, as they have strong territorial instincts.


Exercise Requirements

The Dachshund Pointer mix is an active pup that loves getting outdoors.


Daily exercise is a must to accommodate their high energy.


Walks, runs, and trips to the park or beach are great options.


Throw in a game of fetch or frisbee to give them mental stimulation, and you have the perfect workout.


They need to stay active, as long periods of inactivity can lead to unwanted behavior.


Stick with a routine, and soon, your pup will be a happy, well-mannered companion!



The dachshund pointer mix has a hearty appetite, so it’s important to ensure a well-balanced nutrition plan.


They have strong, muscular, and athletic bodies and need a diet rich in protein and nutrients to maintain good health.


It is recommended to feed them high-quality dry kibble and add healthy treats, fresh fruits, and vegetables into their daily meals.


Avoid giving them too many treats and table scraps, which can lead to obesity.


The dachshund pointer mix can remain happy and healthy for years with proper nutrition and exercise.


Common Health Problems

Although they are generally healthy, they are prone to common health issues such as hip and joint dysplasia, obesity, herniated discs, heart and eye problems, diabetes, heat exhaustion, allergies, and skin problems.


Owners should be mindful of the dog’s lifestyle, exercise regime, and nutrition and be vigilant for any signs of health issues.


Regular vet visits are important for early diagnosis and effective treatments to ensure a healthy life for these adorable pooches.



The Dachshund-Pointer mix is an intelligent, loyal, and energetic dog with great love to give.


They are best for active families who can provide them with enough exercise and mental stimulation to keep their minds active and healthy.


They are great family pets who will bring endless joy and companionship to those who open their hearts to them.


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