Dalmatian and Golden Retriever Mix (Goldmatian) Info, Pictures, & Facts

The Goldmatian is a mix between the Dalmatian and Golden Retriever breeds.


It is a friendly, loyal, and active pup that is perfect for an active family.


With a beautiful coat of white and gold, the Goldmatian’s markings make it a one-of-a-kind pup.


Read on to learn more about this designer dog, look at some facts, and get advice on caring for your Goldmatian.




19-23 inches


55-70 lb


10-12 years

Group (of Breed)


Best Suited For

active families with kids and other pets experienced dog owners


cheerful, friendly, loyal, playful, active, laid-back



The Dalmatian and the Golden Retriever are two beloved dogs with distinct characteristics.


The Dals have a unique black and white coat with a strong physical build, while Golden Retrievers have a golden coat and an even-tempered nature.


A Dalmatian-Golden Retriever mix is a combination of these two breeds.


This hybrid has been around since the 1990s and is sometimes referred to as Goldmation or Goldmatians.


They combine the Dalmatian’s striking coat with the Golden Retriever’s sweet disposition to create a loyal, family-friendly pet.



Dalmatian mixed with Golden Retriever coats are usually a combination of white with black, black with tan, and brown.


Grooming needs regular brushing to reduce shedding and maintain the unique coat pattern.


Shedding will vary based on the dominant breed in the mix, but it can be expected to be moderate to high overall.


Bathing every four to six is recommended to keep a healthy coat and appearance.



The temperament of a dalmatian mixed with a golden retriever is playful and laid-back.


They are cheerful, friendly, fairly easy to train, and loyal and loving to their owners.


Goldmatian do need an adequate amount of exercise and activity but are not overly energetic.


They also tend to be good with children and other animals, making them a great choice for families and homes.


All in all, they make wonderful companions who show affection and love with gusto and enthusiasm.


Exercise Requirements

The Dalmatian mixed with Golden Retriever is an active breed, so they need daily vigorous activity and exercise.


Regular walks, jogs, hikes, swimming, and fetching are ideal ways to keep them fit.


Owners should also ensure their pup has a nice yard to run and explore in.


As with any mixed breed, the size and personality will vary between individuals, with some being more energetic than others.


Proper exercise can help expel the extra energy, which can, in turn, prevent destructive behaviors.



A Dalmatian mixed with Golden Retriever can be a great family dog.


When it comes to diet, they need a balanced diet with plenty of high-quality proteins and carbohydrates as well as fat and fiber.


They also need plenty of fresh water available at all times.


To ensure they get the best nutrition, owners should consult their vet or pet nutritionist for advice on the best diet to suit the individual dog’s needs.


Common Health Problems

Dalmatian-Golden Retriever mixes are prone to multiple health issues due to the inheritance of the characteristics of both breeds.


Potential problems include hip and elbow dysplasia, eye issues, allergies, cancer, kidney stones, and skin problems.


Regular vet visits are recommended to ensure that any early signs of an illness can be treated quickly.


Also, a healthy diet and consistent exercise are important to maintain a pup’s overall health.



A dalmatian mixed with a golden retriever is a hybrid breed.


The pup may exhibit characteristics from either breed, making it an unpredictable mix.


However, the pup is likely to have a playful and friendly personality, combined with the intelligence of both breeds.


The physical appearance could range from a dalmatian-looking coat with spots to the classic long fur of a golden retriever.


Ultimately, the mix of both canine breeds creates an exciting new breed that will bring joy to anyone lucky enough to own one.



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