Do Pitbulls Have Webbed Feet – How Common Is it?

pitbull webfeet

You are playing with your furry little friend one day when you start to notice something unusual – your Pitbull’s “webbed feet.”

Before you begin to panic and run to the vet, we will explain to you in detail why your dog has this feature and if this is a common thing for a Pitbull or a cause for concern.


Many owners have reported that their Pitbull seems to have webbed feet but believe it or not. It is a wrong assumption.


A Pitbull exhibits a thin connective tissue between its toes, but this is not necessarily an indication of having “webbed feet.”

Most dog breeds have this connective tissue between their toes, which helps them float and paddle in the water.


These webbed feet are most seen in ducks, and some dogs exhibit this trait too.

You might think that this is just a common occurrence, but Pitbulls that show webbed vertebrae are extremely rare.

These webbed feet are made up of their toes plus a skinny layer of skin called a “membrane.”


Hence, this membrane connects the toes, making it appear as if your furry friend has duck feet.

Dogs that have this feature can paddle on the water very quickly, which makes them good swimmers.

Aside from swimming fast, Pitbulls with webbed feet can also puddle through mud without any difficulty.

It may seem as if having webbed feet is something you should wish for your dog, but it is the contrary.


Is Having Webbed Feet a Health Concern?

If your Pitbull has webbed feet, it is undoubtedly good, if not the best, at swimming and paddling through muddy paths!

However, these webbed feet can also have some severe implications on your dog’s wellbeing.

Although these symptoms and conditions do not develop overnight, it is essential to have your dog checked as early as possible when these features become evident.


Here are some of the health conditions your dog might develop if they have webbed feet:


1. Cleft Palate

pitbull with Cleft Palate

Dogs who have webbed feet usually have a cleft palate too.

Dogs who do not have webbed feet typically have the roof of their mouths stuck together, which leaves no blank space in between.

However, for dogs who have webbed feet, instead of having the roofs of their mouths stuck together, their toes become the ones stuck together instead.


2. A shorter Tibia-Fibula

The bones in the lower back part of your dog’s legs are called Tibia and Fibula.

These two bones are connected to the premature closing of the growth palate.

The genes responsible for your dog’s webbed toes may most likely be the cause of the fusion of the Tibia and Fibula.

Having a short Tibia and Fibula is a severe health concern for your dog because this may cause limping and even bone fractures in the long run.

If your dog is exhibiting this health issue, it is best to consult the vet immediately.


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3. Scoliosis

If your dog’s spine seems to be bent on one side instead of being straight, then chances are, your furry friend has scoliosis.

If it is not evident due to your dog’s thick fur, you can always try to run your hands on the back of your dog to feel if their bone is straight or bent to one side.

You can also observe the way your dog carries its weight.

If your dog is limping or having any difficulty walking, you should consider having your dog checked at the vet.

Do not take this condition lightly because if left untreated, this can cause your dog to become paralyzed permanently.

Bone malfunctions cause both webbed feet and scoliosis, so it is not surprising that our furry friends who exhibit webbed feet are prone to scoliosis.


Examples of Dog Breeds with Webbed Feet

Dog Breeds with Webbed Feet

Here are some popular dog breeds that typically have webbed feet:

  • Otterhound
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Dachshund
  • Portuguese Waterdog


Key Takeaway

So, do Pitbulls have webbed feet? The answer is no. They do not.

What Pitbulls have is a thin connective tissue that joins their toes together.

Although there are some cases where Pitbulls do have webbed feet, the possibility of this occurring is extremely low.

If your dog exhibits this characteristic, then you should take a trip to the vet and have your furry friend looked at.


Again, having webbed feet in dogs has its pros and cons, but usually, the cons outweigh the pros.

Your dog might be a good swimmer if they have webbed feet, but these webbed feet can also cause some severe health concerns like scoliosis and other complications brought about by this characteristic.

It must be your responsibility as a pet owner to have your dog checked when you notice something strange going on in their bodies.

Should it be a cause for panic? Not necessarily, but it should be a cause for concern.


If a vet does not examine your dog at the soonest time possible, they can develop some severe health conditions which may be incurable later in life.

In conclusion, having webbed feet does not pose a danger.

Instead, it is an indication that your dog’s bodily functions are different and that you should have a Vet take a closer examination at it.

Observe your pet – from their physical characteristics to how they walk and how they interact with other animals.


Be a responsible owner and take good care of your dog.

Do not think twice about bringing them to the vet if you see something off with them.

Remember that these Vets are experts, and they are here to ensure that your dog is at its optimum health.


After all, prevention is always better than cure.


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