French Bulldog Dachshund Mix (French Bull Weiner) Info, Pictures, & Facts

Many types of mixed-breed dogs have become popular in recent years.


One is the French Bulldog Dachshund mix, the French Bull Weiner.


As its name suggests, this hybrid dog is a cross between a French Bulldog and a Dachshund.


This unique combination of breeds results in a dog with a great personality and an adorable appearance and is well-suited to living in various environments.




8-12 inches


15-25 lb


10-16 years

Group (of Breed)


Best Suited For

active families with kids and other pets, experienced dog owners


affectionate, loyal, fun-loving, excitable



The French Bulldog Dachshund mix’s origin is unclear, as with most mixed breed dogs.


However, we know that it likely originated in the United States within the last couple of decades.


Breeders began cross-breeding French Bulldogs and Dachshunds in the early 2000s, and since then, the French Bull Weiner has become increasingly popular for its friendly and playful demeanor.



The French Bulldog Dachshund mix has a coat that can vary in color, depending on the dominant genes inherited from its parent breeds.


Most commonly, French Bull Weiners are black, white, or fawn, but they can also have a combination of these colors.


As for shedding, this breed is considered low-shedding, making it a great option for people allergic to animal dander.


However, this doesn’t mean they don’t need to be groomed.


French Bull Weiners have short, shiny coats that require weekly brushing to remove loose hair and prevent matting.



Thanks to its friendly and playful nature, the French Bulldog Dachshund mix has a wonderful temperament.


These dogs are loyal, affectionate, and love to be around people – especially their owners.


They are great with children, and their small size makes them well-suited to living in smaller homes or apartments.


However, they can be stubborn, which can make training a bit of a challenge.


Patience and consistency are key when training a French Bull Weiner.


Exercise Requirements

While the French Bulldog Dachshund mix doesn’t require much exercise, they need a regular outlet for their energy.


A daily walk, play session, or a few rounds of fetch in the backyard can help keep them content and healthy.


Training can be a bit of a challenge with this breed, but they are intelligent and eager to please, which means that with patience and positive reinforcement, you can teach them a variety of commands and tricks.



Feeding your French Bull Weiner a high-quality diet is critical for their health and well-being.


These dogs need a diet high in protein and other essential nutrients while also low in fat and fillers.


It’s important to avoid overfeeding this breed, as they are prone to becoming overweight.


Always provide clean and fresh water, and never allow your dog to drink stagnant or contaminated water.


Common Health Problems

As with any breed, the French Bulldog Dachshund mix can be prone to certain health problems.


The most common issue they face is their spine. In particular, they can be susceptible to intervertebral disc disease (IVDD), which can cause pain, paralysis, and sometimes even death.


Other health problems this breed can face include skin allergies, dental issues, and breathing problems.



The French Bulldog Dachshund mix is a wonderful breed well-suited to living in various environments.


Despite being stubby and small, these dogs have a larger-than-life personalities and are incredibly affectionate and playful.


While they can be stubborn, they respond well to positive reinforcement and a patient and consistent approach to training.


With proper care, a high-quality diet, and regular exercise, the French Bull Weiner can make an excellent addition to any family looking for a fun-loving, loyal, and low-maintenance pet.


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