German Shepherd And Shih Tzu Mix (Shepherd Tzu) Info, Pictures, & Facts

The German Shepherd and Shih Tzu mix commonly referred to as Shepherd Tzu, is an increasingly popular designer dog breed.


These elegant and graceful canines boast a unique appearance, an adaptable and friendly personality, and a thriving energy level.


Whether you’re considering getting one or just curious to learn more, here are essential information on the Shepherd Tzu, like its appearance, temperament, health, and interesting facts.




14-25 inches


15-50 lb


12-15 years

Group (of Breed)


Best Suited For

active families with kids and other pets experienced dog owners


friendly, laid-back, loyal, playful, energetic, affectionate



The German Shepherd Shih Tzu mix is a hybrid breed resulting from a cross between a German Shepherd and a Shih Tzu.


This mix was first developed in the United States in the early 2000s and is recognized as a designer breed.


The Shepherd Tzu has the high energy levels, loyalty, and intelligence of the German Shepherd, combined with the gentle nature and friendliness of the Shih Tzu.


The mix makes an excellent family pet, as they are both intelligent and affectionate.



The German Shepherd And Shih Tzu Mix can have a variety of coat colors, typically seen in gold, cream, black, brown, white, or a combination of those colors.


The coat of this crossbreed can range from short to medium-long, with a soft, moderately dense texture and moderate shedding.


Grooming needs will vary depending on the length and thickness of the coat.


This mix breed should be brushed once or twice a week and bathed every few months to keep its fur free of tangles and knots.


Regular brushing and trimming will help keep the coat in good condition.



The temperament of a German Shepherd and Shih Tzu mix is typically friendly and laid-back.


They are very loyal and enjoy being close to their owners.


These dogs are energetic but also affectionate.


They require regular exercise, training, and socialization.


Shepherd Tzu gets along well with children and other pets but can be stubborn sometimes.


They are also quite intelligent, making them easy to train.


They have some guard dog instincts, so they can make good watchdogs if properly trained.


Exercise Requirements

German Shepherd and Shih Tzu Mix is an energetic and fun-loving breed.


It has a strong desire to please its owners.


It loves attention, enjoys playing fetch, and loves being around other animals.


Exercise requirements vary depending on the pup’s age, size, and overall health.


Long walks, jogs, and playtime are all recommended.


Strenuous activities, such as agility courses, should also be done to give it mental stimulation. 



The German Shepherd Shih Tzu mix diet should consist of quality, balanced kibble designed specifically for medium to large-breed dogs.


In addition to the kibble, it is important to add nutrition-rich treats like fruits, nuts, and vegetables.


When feeding treats, check for signs of indigestion or allergies.


As with any breed, it’s important to watch their weight and provide plenty of exercises to ensure they remain healthy and fit.


Common Health Problems

When bred, they can inherit some of the illnesses that the two parent breeds are prone to.


These could include elbow and hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, allergies in dogs, and cataracts.


It is important to keep their vaccinations up to date and monitor their health for any signs of these illnesses.


With proper care, these pets can have a long and healthy life.



The German Shepherd and Shih Tzu mix is an intelligent and loyal breed that loves to please its owners.


It is affectionate, eager to learn, and protective of its family.


This combination breed generally has a medium-length coat that may be wavy or curly.


Its personality can vary widely depending on which of the two breeds’ traits it inherits.


A German Shepherd and Shih Tzu mix is an excellent addition to any family as long as owners are prepared for the energy and intelligence of this hybrid.


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