Golden Retriever Cattle Dog Mix (Golden Heeler) Info, Pictures, & Facts

The Golden Retriever Cattle Dog Mix, also known as the Golden Heeler, is a hybrid dog that combines the intelligence and loyalty of the Golden Retriever with the obedience and working skills of the Australian Cattle Dog.


With this combination, they make excellent family pets and have the traits to make them great working dogs.


Learn more about this unique breed, including all the necessary information and facts, to help you decide if the Golden Heeler is right for you.




18-23 inches


28-70 lb


11-14 years

Group (of Breed)


Best Suited For

active families with kids and other pets experienced dog owners


eager to learn, intelligent, obedient, loyal, playful, active, protective



The golden retriever cattle dog mix, also known as the golden heeler, is a cross between a golden retriever and an Australian cattle dog.


This hybrid breed dates back to the early 2000s.


Like its parents, this breed is a highly intelligent, active, and loyal dog that is great with children, making it an ideal family pet.


The mix provides the best qualities of both breeds in one dog.


This hybrid breed has gained popularity in recent years due to its intelligence, good temperaments, and low-shedding coats.



A golden retriever cattle dog mix will have a medium-length, thick coat that is generally light to dark gold.


Shedding can be moderate to heavy, depending on the individual dog.


Regular brushing and grooming will be necessary to keep their coat free of mats and tangles.


It is also important to regularly check their ears and trim their nails.


The coat must be professionally groomed every few months to ensure optimal health and look.



The temperament of a golden retriever cattle dog mix will depend on the traits it inherits from each breed’s characteristics.


Generally, this breed should have an even temperament and be friendly and willing to please.


It should have an eagerness to learn, intelligence, and obedience.


Its energy level is likely to moderate, though the cattle dog may present more exercise needs.


This breed should have a herding instinct and will likely be loyal and protective of its family.


Overall, this cross is likely a great family pet!


Exercise Requirements

A golden retriever cattle dog mix is versatile dogs require daily exercise – long walks, jogs or hikes, and plenty of playtime.


Due to their intelligence and high energy levels, mental games like hide-and-seek and interactive toys can keep them mentally stimulated.


To curb destructive behaviors, owners should ensure the dog gets enough exercise and stimulation, as boredom can lead to excessive barking or destructive behaviors.


With regular exercise, these smart and lovable dogs make great companions.



The Golden Retriever Cattle Dog Mix perfectly suits a raw food diet.


This diet consists of fresh, uncooked foods such as meats, organs, bones, and vegetables.


The combination of protein-rich meats and nutrient-rich vegetables provides all the essential nutrients for optimal health.


This diet helps to maintain muscle mass, supports healthy bones and joints, provides important fatty acids, and can help to reduce allergies and itchiness.


It also helps to promote a healthy coat and skin.


Common Health Problems

Golden Retriever Cattle Dog mixes are prone to common health issues because of their parent breeds.


These include hip dysplasia caused by a hip joint malformation; skin problems, such as allergies and hot spots; eye diseases, such as cataracts and progressive retinal atrophy; and ear infections.


Additionally, they can suffer from obesity since they love food.


To prevent these issues, owners should provide regular vet checkups, nutrition, exercise, and routine grooming.



The golden retriever cattle dog mix is a great combination of two beloved and hardworking breeds.


This new breed has the golden retriever’s intelligence, loyalty, and friendly disposition, combined with the herding and guarding instincts of the cattle dog.


The result is a breed that makes an excellent companion for families and is highly trainable.


Whether for protection, as a family pet, or as a working guard dog, the golden retriever cattle dog mix can be an ideal choice.


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