Golden Retriever Cavalier Mix (Golden Cavalier) Info, Pictures, & Facts

If you are looking for a dog with friendly and sociable behavior, the Golden Retriever Cavalier Mix, also known as the Golden Cavalier, may be the perfect breed.


This breed crosses the Golden Retriever and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, two popular breeds for their affectionate nature, loyalty, and intelligence. 




18-20 inches


30-50 lb


10-12 years

Group (of Breed)


Best Suited For

active families with kids and other pets, experienced dog owners


affectionate, loyal, playful, calm, smart



The Golden Cavalier is a relatively new crossbreed that came into existence in the 1990s in the united states as a result of mating a purebred Golden Retriever and a purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.


Although the breed originated in the United States, it has gained popularity in other parts of the world due to its exceptional traits, including its friendly behavior, loyalty, and intelligence.



The Golden Cavalier has a medium or long coat that is soft, silky, and prone to shedding.


The coat comes in a variety of colors, including black, cream, gold, red, white, and a combination of these colors.


Grooming needs for the Golden Cavalier are moderate and should involve daily brushing to eliminate any dirt, tangles, or mats.


Additionally, bathing should occur every two to three months to maintain proper hygiene.



The Golden Cavalier is a friendly, loyal, and affectionate breed that is wonderful with children and other household pets.


Due to the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s influence, they are known for having a calm and laid-back temperament.


They also possess a strong sense of loyalty and are always eager to please their owners.


They are intelligent dogs and require mental stimulation to avoid boredom, which can lead to destructive behavior.


As a result, consistent training is essential to prevent behavioral issues.


Exercise Requirements

The Golden Cavalier is an active breed that requires moderate exercise to maintain optimal health.


Taking them for a brisk walk once or twice a day is typically sufficient.


If you have a fenced yard, providing them with an opportunity to play and exercise outside is also recommended.


Golden Cavaliers love to play and run around, so involving them in games such as fetch or playing with various toys is ideal for keeping them happy, healthy, and active.



Dietary needs for the Golden Cavalier can vary based on their age, metabolism, and activity level.


Generally, a high-quality dog food rich in protein is ideal for this breed, and you should aim for a diet that does not contain filler ingredients such as corn or wheat.


Portions should be divided into two to three meals daily to avoid bloat, digestive issues, and obesity.


Common Health Problems

Golden Cavaliers are generally healthy dogs, but like any breed, they are susceptible to specific health issues.


Some of the most common health problems include hip dysplasia, ear infections, and heart disease.


Regular visits to the vet and maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine can help mitigate the risk of developing these issues.



If you are searching for a friendly, loyal, and affectionate breed, the Golden Cavalier mix may be the perfect fit for your family.


Their laid-back temperament, intelligence, and eagerness to please their owners make them fantastic pets.


While they have moderate grooming needs and require consistent training, they are generally easy to care for, making them an excellent choice for many dog owners.