Havanese Golden Retriever Mix (Golden Havanese) – Info, Pictures, & Facts

Havanese Golden Retriever Mix (Golden Havanese)

The Havanese Golden Retriever mix, also known as the Golden Havanese, is a designer dog breed gaining popularity recently.


This breed is a cross between the gentle Golden Retriever and the playful Havanese, resulting in a hybrid with a friendly disposition, loyal nature, and an adorable appearance.


Golden Havanese puppies, with their fluffy coats and expressive faces, are a joy to behold.




9-13 inches



8-14 lb



12-15 years


Group (of Breed)



Best Suited For

active families with kids and other pets, experienced dog owners



intelligent, loving, playful, friendly, obedient



The Havanese Golden Retriever Mix, also known as Golden Havanese, is a designer dog breed that crosses between a Havanese and a Golden Retriever.


The exact origin of this mix is unknown, as it is a relatively new hybrid breed that has only recently gained popularity.


However, it is believed that breeders in the United States began purposely breeding these two dogs in the early 2000s to create a hypoallergenic, affectionate, and intelligent companion dog with a friendly disposition.


The goal was to combine the playful and outgoing nature of the Havanese with the loyalty and love of the Golden Retriever.



The coat of the Golden Havanese is typically lengthy and silky, often inheriting the wavy appearance of the Golden Retriever.


The color of the coat can vary and may be solid or a combination of colors. Expect gold, cream, fawn, white, and sometimes black shades.


This breed is known for its minimal shedding, which makes it an excellent choice for people with allergies.


Fortunately, the Golden Havanese is relatively easy to groom. Its coat requires regular brushing to keep tangles and mats at bay.


Weekly brushing with a pin brush or slicker brush will keep the coat looking clean and healthy.


In addition to regular brushing, you should also wipe the dog’s ears clean to prevent ear infections.


A monthly bath and routine hair trimming around the eyes and paws will keep your Havanese Golden Retriever mix looking great.



The Golden Havanese is an ideal family dog due to its playful and affectionate temperament.


This breed is often described as outgoing, friendly, and loves to be around people.


They are friendly with other dogs and animals and make great pets for children.


It is important to note that this breed may inherit the Havanese’s stubborn streak, making training challenging.


However, they can be trained to follow commands from an early age with patience and consistency.


Positive reinforcement and reward-based training work best for this breed.


Exercise Requirements

The Havanese Golden Retriever mix is a moderately active dog that needs regular exercise to maintain good health.


They enjoy walking, playing fetch, and engaging in other physical activities.


A 30-minute daily walk or playtime in the backyard is typically enough to keep this breed healthy and happy.


Training is also essential for this breed. Early socialization with other dogs and people and basic training commands should begin as soon as you bring your puppy home.


Consistency is key to ensuring your dog follows basic commands and behaves appropriately.



Like other dogs, the Havanese Golden Retriever mix requires a well-balanced diet that meets their nutritional needs.


The amount and frequency of feeding will depend on the dog’s age, size, and activity level.


Generally, feed your dog twice daily and avoid overfeeding to prevent obesity.


Choosing high-quality dog food containing protein, healthy fats, and essential vitamins and minerals is important.


Avoid feeding your dog table scraps, as human food can cause digestive upset and lead to unhealthy weight gain.


Water is also essential for this breed. Always provide fresh, clean water for your dog to drink throughout the day.


Common Health Problems

The Havanese Golden Retriever mix is a relatively healthy breed, but like all animals, they are susceptible to certain health conditions.


Here are some of the most common health problems:

  • Hip dysplasia: This condition is a hereditary disorder that affects the hips and can lead to arthritis and lameness in dogs.
  • Eye problems: Cataracts and eye infections are common in the breed.
  • Allergies: Havanese Golden Retrievers are prone to food and environmental allergies, which can cause skin problems and itching.
  • Dental problems: This breed is prone to dental disease, so it is essential to maintain good hygiene and schedule routine dental cleanings with your vet.



The Havanese Golden Retriever mix is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a fun-loving, playful, and affectionate companion.


This breed is great with children, friendly with other pets, and has minimal shedding.


They require regular exercise and training to maintain good health and behavior, but they will make a wonderful addition to any family with proper care.


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