How Long Do Puppies Need a Heating Pad or Heat Lamp?

How Long Do Puppies Need a Heating Pad or Heat Lamp

Many new dog owners wonder if it is normal for puppies to need additional heat sources.


It can be very stressful to wonder if your new puppy is warm enough, especially in the winter months.


The good news is that there are several affordable and easy ways to provide warmth for newborn puppies.


Here’s everything you need to know about keeping your furry friends cozy!


Why do newborn puppies need a heating pad or lamp?

When a puppy is born, its body temperature is about the same as its mother’s.


At birth, their body temperature can be as low as 95°F (35°C).


As they grow and get older, their internal thermostat will kick in and regulate their own internal heat production.


This can happen anywhere between 4-7 days of age.


Therefore, it’s important to provide them with external heat during this time period to help maintain their body temperature until they’ve matured enough for that process to take over independently.



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How long do puppies need a heating pad or lamp?

Heat lamp for puppies


The short answer is that puppies need a heat source for the first week of their lives. After that, they can be placed in a warm environment.


Before we get into the details of how long puppies need heat and what kind, let’s go over some general rules for heating your puppy.


First, never leave your puppy unattended near any sources of heat because it could injure or kill him or her.


Second, make sure you use common sense when deciding how much time to spend with your new pup outside without his or her favorite fluffy friend. If it’s cold outside (under 50 degrees Fahrenheit), it might not be a great idea to leave them out there too long without something keeping them warm!


Third and lastly: always keep an eye on your dog/puppy when they are around anything hot like food dishes/plates etc. because these items can also cause injury if left unattended nearby while they’re being used by dogs.”


How long do puppies need a heat lamp?

Puppies need a heat lamp for the first two weeks of life, as their bodies are still developing.


The best place to keep your puppy’s heat lamp is on the floor, not on a table.


If you have multiple puppies and only one heat lamp, they should be placed at least six inches apart from each other; otherwise, they may become overheated and dehydrated if they’re too close together.


Make sure that whatever room you keep your puppy in is warm but not drafty; you don’t want him getting chilled or catching colds from drafts coming through windows or doorways.


When there are multiple puppies in one room with multiple heat lamps or lamps with different wattages (e.g., 250 watts vs. 100 watts), make sure all areas are equally warm so no pup gets hot spots where he sits under an excessively warm area for too long.



We hope that you feel better about caring for your newborn puppies now.


Remember to make sure that your heating pad or lamp is not on constantly, but only turned on when the puppy needs it.


This should give you the best chance at having healthy puppies!


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