How To Sell Dogs On Craigslist? + Rehoming & Selling Rules

How To Sell Dogs On Craigslist

What is craigslist?

This is a website with advertisements that focus on selling jobs, homes, and other different merchandise that is being advertised.

It is a private company that focuses on advertisements for their website to help any business or people with things to sell and connect them with buyers.


Can you sell dogs on craigslist though? Is it legal to sell your pet or dog in specific on craigslist? Unfortunately, the rules of the website prohibit the selling of dogs on their website. It is illegal and is stated in their sales section that pet sales are prohibited.

Instead, they have come up with another way of doing the sales by something called rehoming. For a small price, the pet owners who would like to give out their pets can go around the rule by doing rehoming with an interested party.


Below is more on how rehoming is done by interested parties on craigslist in a legal manner.

However, pet sales are generally not allowed on the site, and craigslist itself will track down those sales unless what you are doing is rehoming.


What is rehoming of a dog?

dog for adoption

Rehoming is not selling your dog on the website. Selling is giving the first person who wants your dog without assurance they will even take care of them.

This is dangerous because these people may end up taking your dog to pet fighting rings or even to labs for some weird illegal testing.

which is not where you would want your dog to end up.


Rehoming on the other hand requires that you know who you are giving your dog to.

They have to be willing to pay the commitment fee to show how serious they are and whether they are capable of taking care of your dog.

It is important to check to do a background check on the person getting your dog as well to avoid shady deals.


Do you get paid for rehoming your dog?

It is important to note that rehoming is usually not for the money.

The main point is usually to find a good home for your furry friend.

This means that money should not be the most important factor while rehoming.

The only payment you may get is the fee they pay to show their credibility and willingness to take care of your dog.



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What are the options in case you do not get someone eligible for rehoming your pet?

It is not always guaranteed on getting someone eligible to give your pet to, for a new home that is.

This is because most people on these websites usually lookout for pets to use in shady deals or even test with drugs which is not the ideal life you want your dog to be living.

In the case of such, there are other options you could consider to keep your dog safe and not with sketchy dealers.


These are options such as:


1. You could return them to the shelter you had gotten them from.

The shelter is bound to know how to help you get someone willing to adopt your dog and give them a good life.


2. If you had not already done this, you could ask a relative whether they would like a dog for a pet because there it is assured of a good home.


3. You could also put up flyers in your neighborhood, the papers, or in market places where people will get to see the flyer and reach out to you in case they are interested.


What does the rehoming process look like?

dog reaching out

What do you do after getting a potential who has shown interest in your dog?

It may be confusing if you have not done it before.

However, that should not deter you at all from carrying out the rehoming process.

It is not a difficult process.


Here are a few steps you could follow to get your dog a good home:


1. Interest

Once someone shows interest in your dog.

Contact them with the information and discuss the type of dog they may be looking for.

Have a conversation and find out important details such as:

  • Whether this is their first time owning a dog
  • If they have had any other experiences with dogs
  • What their family looks like.
  • Their physical needs

The above is mainly to ensure the new owner’s personality matches with the dog.


2. Filling up forms

Get them a form to fill with their details both private details and other important details that will help you track them in case of anything.

This information will also help ensure the credibility of the potential client.


3. Area Surveying

The next thing should be a meeting.

You could go to their place to confirm whether their house has enough space for a dog; both outdoors and indoors.

This is because dogs require a lot of space like a backyard for exercise, to play, and even for when they need to go out and do their business.


4. Introduction of the new owner

The second last bit is getting the new owner to meet with the dog.

This helps assure them that all of this is not a scam and if everything is in order; documents for the dog such as health and vaccination certificates, they could leave with the dog.

This has to be decided prior so that they can make appropriate room for their new addition to the family.


It is important to note, if any of the above makes you feel unsafe as the owner or the new owner, you should get someone to do the visits and meet-ups with you.

If you think that any of that is sketchy, it would be advised to involve the police because it might be a case of pet kidnapping.


What are the sites you could look for that allow the legal buying and selling of dogs?

If you would like to buy a dog or sell your dog rather than rehome them, it would be advised to go take a look at these sites.

They are credible and legally allow the buying and selling of pets in general.


Here are some of them:

  • Only 4 pets
  • Puppy finds
  • Get your pet
  • Puppy shot
  • Dog care



In conclusion, to use craigslist, you will be rehoming your dog not selling them.

In case you want to buy a dog or sell them, make sure to check out the websites mentioned above.


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