How To Use A Shock Collar For Dogs? ( Safe Ways)

How To Use A Shock Collar For Dogs

Dog owners use shock collars for basic training.

Training is done when young at about ten weeks when puppies start to understand how basic training works.

Shock training should never be used as a punishment for your dog.

For they will associate it with pain and not training.

Shock collars have been proven effective if used correctly.


It is used by dog owners when teaching them basic training.

When using shock collars, the main thought behind it is training, not punishment.

Once you get a shock collar for punishment, the collar will give your dog anxiety and not serve its purpose.


A shock collar on your dog is supposed to work the same way as giving treats to your dog does.

They should associate the shock with an action.

An example would be to use the shock collar when your dog is aggressive to reduce your dog’s aggression.

They associate the slight shock with the action of being less aggressive.


A shock collar should only be used by a dog owner who knows how to use it properly.

When getting one for your dog, make sure your dog is of the right age to start practice with shock collars.

If one is not sure of the requirements, it is essential to talk with the seller on which shock collars will work for your dog.

Depending on your dog’s size and breed.


A step by step guide on how to use shock collars:

Shock collar for dogs

The steps below are for beginner level and if an instruction is misunderstood, seek assistance from where you got the collar or from your vet.


However, here are simple instructions on how to introduce your dog to the shock collar:


1. The first step is setting the shock collar to the lowest setting and putting it on them.

Before fully fixing it around their neck, make sure to confirm the settings on the remote.


2. The next step would be associating the shock collar to verbal command and guiding your dog physically to do what you want them to do.


3. Once your dog starts to obey the commands being given, put the remote aside as your dog sees.

This is important for your dog to see to connect the behavior to the action of the collar.


4. Once your dog starts to obediently follow orders, praise them and recognize them for their efforts.


5. Repeat the procedure, again and again, to make your dog get the hang of it.

Remember, the shock collar is not a punishment but is a teaching tool.

So make sure to use the lowest setting available depending on your dog’s size.


What is the point of the collar?

The collar is meant to teach or train your dog on what they are allowed to do and what they aren’t.

It is also to teach them to obey verbal commands that you teach them.

This may sound a bit rough but remember, the setting on the shock collar has been set to a minimum and only works to get your dog’s attention.


The main point is to get your dog to associate what is right with the lack or absence of shock generated by the collar.

Then they understand that when the collar causes the shock, they are not doing what is expected of them.


This means it is crucial to be gentle and start with commands they know as you continue to teach them.


How does the collar reinforce bad behavior?

When used on your dog, the shock collar needs to be accompanied by verbal and physical actions that can help the dog understand what they are meant to do.

This helps them understand the verbal and physical cues and what they mean even without a collar.


When training your dog with the collar, it is crucial to know that once you generate the shock on the collar, you should guide your dog on what to do, not shout orders at them.

Remember, once you create the shock, guide your dog and one they obey, do what you want them to do, switch off the collar, and reward them for the behavior.



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Is the shock collar cruel?

Using a shock collar is not a preferred method of training amongst many dog owners.

It is deemed cruel for your dog, which is not the case.

A shock collar is merely meant to get your dog’s attention and help them know the difference between destructive behaviors and what they are allowed to do.


If a shock collar is used correctly, it should quickly train your dog to know what to do and is one hundred percent harmless on your dog.

The shock generated by the collar is simply vibration and is not harmful or dangerous at all.


Key things to remember when it comes to dogs and shock collars

dog wearing shock collar

Here are some of the essential things to remember:


1. After training, do not leave the shock collar on your dog for extended periods.

The collar tends to be uncomfortable as it is not designed as a regular dog collar but as a training device.

Therefore, after a training session, always remember to remove the collar from your dog.


2. After removing the collar, remember to clean the points of the collar that come into contact with your dog’s skin.

This reduces and eliminates the buildup of natural oils or other agents that could cause allergies or a rash on your dog’s neck.


3. If the training is going on for long hours, especially when your dog gets used to it, make sure to rotate the collar for your dog every 3 hours to prevent pressure sores on your dog’s neck.


4. Regardless of the amount of time you have been training your dog, make sure not to use the shock collar as a form of punishment.

This could be using high settings when your dog fails to follow instructions hence “punishing” them.

This will not train your dog but instill fear in them, and they will be unable to learn with the collar.


5. When starting, it is always advised to start with the low settings available for your shock collar.

Then only increase the settings slowly if needed.

If your dog reacts to the shock collar at its lowest setting, there is no reason to increase its setting.


6. Only use the shock collar for training and not when you aren’t in a position to monitor and control your dog and the shock collar.

It is essential to be there actively as you use the collar, not to associate the collar with punishment.



when the shock collar is appropriately used for your dog, it helps train them on what they should do and the behaviors that you do not expect them to do.


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