Husky Bulldog Mix (Buskdoggy) Info, Pictures, & Facts

The Buskdoggy is a hybrid dog created by breeding a Siberian Husky and an English Bulldog.


This canine combination has become increasingly popular due to its attractive physical characteristics and friendly, loyal demeanor.


Buskdoggies typically weigh between 45-65 lbs and sport a thick, soft coat in various colors.


These dogs are energetic and playful, making them perfect for active families with children.


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14-18 inches


45-55 lb


8-15 years

Group (of Breed)


Best Suited For

active families with kids and other pets experienced dog owners


friendly, active, affectionate, loyal, defensive




The Siberian Husky and the American Bulldog are two distinct breeds that were originally bred for different purposes.


The Siberian Husky was bred to pull sleds in cold climates, while the American Bulldog was bred as a guard dog and hunter.


When the two breeds are crossed, they create a mix known as the Husky Bulldog mix, a hybrid that offers the desirable traits of both breeds, such as an active nature and loyal temperament.


This mix is fairly new and has become increasingly popular in recent years.



Buskdoggy (husky-bulldog mix) has a thick, medium-to-long coat that may also be slightly wavy and fluffy.


They require regular brushing and baths to keep their coat in tip-top condition and will require occasional trims for their upkeep.


They are medium to heavy shedders, so regular brushing is important to help with the shedding.


Nail trimmers should also be used regularly to keep their nails at a manageable length. Proper grooming will help them look their best!



A Husky and Bulldog mix temperament is typically friendly, active, and affectionate.


They tend to be loyal and defensive of their owners.


Buskdoggy needs lots of exercises and mental stimulation to be truly happy.


They also have a high prey drive and can be prone to excessive barking.


A Husky and Bulldog mix can coexist peacefully with other animals with adequate socialization and training.


They can show signs of dominance if not properly trained, so it’s important to start early.


Exercise Requirements

Buskdoggy requires moderate exercise, such as leash walks and jogs, and playtime to exercise their minds.


Mental stimulation such as obedience, agility, and herding classes are ideal for this breed, which is known for its intelligence.


They also need socialization to help them mature into happy, healthy family companions.



A Husky and Bulldog mixed breed can benefit from a diet with fish, poultry, and red meat as the main protein sources.


A mix of dry and wet food can also supply essential vitamins, minerals, and healthy carbohydrates.


Fatty fish, like salmon, should also be included for additional omega-3 fatty acids for coat health.


Treats can also be offered in moderation.


Feed a combination of the appropriate food to meet their nutritional needs.


Common Health Problems

Husky and Bulldog mixes are generally quite healthy and long-lived but may inherit certain health issues such as hip dysplasia, eye problems, and skin allergies.


They may also be susceptible to specific illnesses due to their heavier morphology, such as heat stroke and breathing difficulties, so owners should carefully monitor them in hot environments.


In addition, proper nutrition and exercise are important for maintaining joint and muscle health.



A husky and bulldog mix is a hybrid breed that combines the best traits of both breeds.


These dogs can have the agility, strength, and intelligence of a Siberian Husky, with the stocky, muscular build and loyal, friendly nature of an English Bulldog.


They are a hybrid breed that can make for playful and loving family pets but require patience and consistency in training and socialization early on.


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