Shiba Inu Siberian Husky Mix (Shiba Husky) Info, Pictures, & Facts

Shiba Inu Siberian Husky Mix, also known as Shiba Husky, is a popular designer breed that has captured the hearts of many dog lovers.


The crossbreed results from pairing two great breeds, the Shiba Inu and the Siberian Husky.


The Shiba Inu is a small, agile, and hyperactive dog, while the Siberian Husky is a larger, energetic, and sociable working dog.


Combining these two breeds results in a furry companion with the best qualities.


This guide provides information on Shiba Husky, including its origin, coat, temperament, exercise needs, diet, and common health problems.




15-20 inches


25-50 lb


12-16 years

Group (of Breed)


Best Suited For

active families with kids and other pets, experienced dog owners


affectionate, loyal, playful, active, eager-to-please



The history of the Shiba Inu Siberian Husky Mix is unclear due to the hybrid’s mixed-breeding background.


However, both parent breeds have a rich history contributing to the Shiba Husky’s characteristics.


The Shiba Inu is a Japanese breed belonging to the Spitz family. It’s known for its hunting skills, loyalty, and independence.


On the other hand, the Siberian Husky originated in Siberia, Russia, and it was used as a working dog in harsh conditions.


The breed was used to pull sleds and work in packs.


The Shiba Inu Siberian Husky Mix is a relatively new breed that started gaining popularity in the 1990s.



The Shiba Husky dog comes in various colors, including black, grey, brown, tan, and white.


The coat type of this breed largely depends on the parent’s coats.


Generally, the Shiba Husky has a double coat, a dense undercoat, and a longer outside layer.


They shed moderately throughout the year but heavily during spring and fall.


Grooming the coat occasionally is essential to maintain good hygiene and manage to shed.


Regular brushing can help control shedding and keep the coat shiny and healthy.



The Shiba Husky Mix inherits certain traits from both parents.


Shiba Inu is known for loyalty, independence, and alertness, whereas the Siberian Husky is friendly, sociable, and calm.


The temperament of the Shiba Husky may vary depending on the dominant gene inherited from the parents.


However, the dog is overly playful, loyal, intelligent, friendly, and active.


They are excellent with children and pets, making them ideal family dogs.


They may be prone to separation anxiety, resulting in destructive behavior when left alone for extended periods.


Early socialization and proper training can help mitigate any behavioral issues.


The Shiba Husky is an excellent watchdog, thanks to their alertness, and will bark to alert you of anything suspicious.


Exercise Requirements

The Shiba Husky Mix is an active breed that requires daily regular exercise.


A minimum of one hour of intense physical activity is essential to keep the dog healthy and happy.


These dogs love going on long hikes, runs, or playing fetch in the park.


They may develop anxiety, behavior, and health issues without enough exercise.



A well-balanced diet is essential for the Shiba Husky’s health and well-being.


They need high-quality dog food with all the essential vitamins, minerals, and protein.


Feeding them two to three times daily is recommended to maintain their energy levels.


Overfeeding can lead to weight gain and other health problems.


Consult your veterinarian to determine the right diet plan for your Shiba Husky.


Common Health Problems

Like any other breed, the Shiba Husky Mix may inherit certain medical conditions from their parents.


It is essential to be aware of these health problems to identify any signs before they escalate.


Some of the common health problems of Shiba Husky include:


  • Hip dysplasia: This condition affects the hip joint and can cause pain, limping, or difficulty moving.


  • Eye problems: Shiba Husky dogs are prone to genetic disorders such as cataracts, glaucoma, or progressive retinal atrophy.


  • Allergies: Shiba Husky may suffer from allergies caused by food, flea bites, or pollen sensitivity.



The Shiba Husky mix is an adorable, loyal, active breed that makes excellent family pets.


They require regular exercise, proper grooming, and well-balanced meals to thrive.


The Shiba Husky’s personality is friendly, playful, alert, and intelligent, inheriting traits from both parents.


Keep in mind their potential health problems and address any issues early on.


This dog breed can be an excellent addition to your home, bringing joy to your family for years to come.


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