Siamese Tabby Mix – 10 Things You Should Need To Know

10 Things You Need To Know About The Siamese Tabby Mix

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There’s a new breed of cat in town and it’s a mix of two very popular breeds – Siamese and tabby. This kitty is known as the Siamese tabby mix and it’s quickly becoming a favorite among pet owners.


Some people might be wondering what to expect if they decide to adopt one of these cats, so I’m here to give you 10 things you need to know about the Siamese Tabby Mix. Keep reading to learn more!


Siamese tabby mix has unique characteristics, including stripes around their legs, eyes, and cheeks. They have a long tail and are mostly marked with various rings of color.


Siamese tabby mix cats are available in different colors, including apricot, cinnamon, red and caramel blue, and others. They have triangular-shaped eyes and blue eyes. Their characteristics are quite unique as you will see shortly.


Ready to learn the 10 things about this unique breed? Let’s dive in!

1. They Are Very Affectionate

Siamese Tabby Mix
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Unlike cats that are independent and can be happy without you, Siamese tabby mix cats are very affectionate. They love to be cuddled and held constantly.


It doesn’t matter the number of times you will bother it because there will always want to sit on your lap. Do not get a Siamese tabby mix if you’d like an independent cat.


They need a lot of love and affection, and they are notorious for becoming jealous if you do not offer them attention.


2. They Need Stimulation

This breed of cats can easily get bored, and this means that you have to ensure that you buy them many toys and a scratching post.


If you have a full-time job and you want to have a Siamese tabby mix, you may want to consider getting two. This will give them the chance of having each other whenever you are not around.


3. They Are Difficult to Train

Siamese tabby mix cats are very intelligent and have a great ability to pick up new skills. This makes the whole process of training them to be very difficult because they have a response approach to things you will do.


For you to train them, it has to be something they are interested in. Otherwise, you may not have any luck trying to train them in new things that they may not have an interest in.


4. They May Engage in Compulsive Behavior

Some of the compulsive behavior they may engage in includes constantly biting or licking themselves. Sometimes, the Siamese tabby mix can suck wool or any other fabric.


They may also engage in the consumption of non-foods. If you realize that your cat is doing any of these, you should always consider talking to your vet about it. This confirms that they are healthy and not affected by compulsive behavior.


5. Royal Treatment

Royal families treasured Siamese cats in Thailand because of their distinctive, unusual, and beautiful appearance.


The royal families believe that a Siamese cat would receive their soul when they die, and they will then spend long life living in a temple and being pampered by monks and priests.





6. They Are Vocal and Demanding

Siamese Tabby Mix kitten
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When you adopt a Siamese tabby mix cat, you will expect that they will follow you wherever you go.


They will want to share everything with you and always hate being left alone because they get bored quickly. They have distinctive meows, which happen on so many occasions.



7. They Might Not Get along Well with Other Pets

Since Siamese tabby mix cats are very social, they find it quite challenging to get with other pets first. If you adopt one, ensure that you get her all the accessories for a couple of days.


You then gradually introduce them to other pets until they get used to each other. You will also need to teach your children and your family how to handle the kitty.


Siamese tabby mix cats love company and can make very good company once they are used to other pets, but you have to protect them before then.


8. They Are Active and Intelligent

If you compare other cats with the Siamese tabby mix, you will notice their intelligence and how strong-willed they are. They go for what they have set their eyes on irrespective of the obstacles or consequences involved.


Unlike other easy-going cats and will sleep a lot, the Siamese tabby mix gives you the feeling of owning a dog because of how strong-willed and active they are.


9. Appearance and Size

The size of a Siamese tabby mix may vary from cat to cat, depending on the size of parent breeds. Generally, they are medium-sized cats with an average weight of 2.2 kg to 5.5 kg.


Their lifespan is an average of 15 to 20 years, and this life expectancy is a bit longer compared to other types of cats. They have stripes mostly on their legs, eyes, and cheeks.


They are in different colors, including cinnamon, red and caramel, blue, apricot, and chocolate. In addition to that, they have triangular-shaped eyes and blue eyes.


One of the unique features is an M-shaped marking present on their forehead.



10. They Meow a lot

This breed is quite talkative. If you believe that cats are quiet and mostly stick to themselves, you will be astonished when you own Siamese tabby mix.


They genuinely love the sound of their voices, and they will always make that sound.


They can get very loud, especially in scenarios where they want something. Sometimes, it is described to be more obnoxious than a baby’s cry.


Final Take Away

Siamese tabby mix cats are unique with unique characteristics. Besides being vocal and friendly, you need to understand that Siamese tabby mix cats love human interactions.


If you are looking for a very affectionate breed that will follow you everywhere, this is the breed for you.


However, it is you must know that if your lifestyle does not let you stay home, this may not be the best cat breed for you because they love human interaction.


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