Vizsla Golden Retriever Mix (Golden Vizsla) Info, Pictures, And Facts

Golden Vizsla is a hybrid dog breed resulting from the union of the Vizsla and the Golden Retriever.


It is a medium-sized dog with a short, smooth coat that usually has a rust color and gold highlights.


The most common eye color is brown, but sometimes they can be amber.


They are loyal and loving, making them great family dogs!


They are also intelligent and energetic and need regular exercise to stay happy and healthy.


Their lifespan averages around 10 to 15 years if taken care of properly.




18-24 inches


40-80 lb


10-15 years

Group (of Breed)


Best Suited For

active families with kids and experienced dog owners


affectionate, loyal, energetic



Vizsla Golden Retriever Mix is a designer breed that crosses two purebreds, the Vizsla and the Golden Retriever.


This hybrid was first bred in North America during the 1960s to get the best qualities from both breeds.


They have since become popular for families who want an intelligent companion with a strong bond with their owner.


They’re affectionate, loyal, and energetic, making them a great addition to any home.



The Vizsla Golden Retriever mix has a coat that varies in color and length.


Generally, the coat is short to medium and can be any shade of black, yellow, white, red, golden, or chestnut.


The Vizsla part of the mix will give the dog a softer undercoat, while the Golden Retriever will contribute a thicker outer coat which may be slightly wavy.


The coat is low maintenance and requires weekly brushing.


This hybrid is also known for being a very affectionate and active dog!



The Vizsla Golden Retriever mix is an active, intelligent, and loving breed that enjoys spending time with its family.


They love to be active and enjoy long walks and playing fetch.


They are loyal and protective of their owners and are known to be good with kids.


Golden Vizsla requires plenty of love and attention to stay happy and healthy, but they also enjoy their alone time.


They can be excellent watchdogs but may bark excessively if not properly trained. 


Exercise Requirements

A Vizsla Golden Retriever Mix is a hybrid of two very energetic breeds.


They need lots of physical and mental stimulation and exercise.


This includes long daily walks, playtime, and activities that engage their mind and nose.


They also benefit from regular, intense daily exercise such as running, jogging, biking, and swimming.


This mix loves to please its owners and would make an excellent running buddy.



A Vizsla Golden Retriever mix has healthy nutritional needs similar to other large dogs.


They require an adult diet rich in proteins, carbohydrates, and essential fatty acids.


Regular meals of quality wet food, dry food, and supplements high in calcium, phosphorus, and omegas should be given.


Treats should be given sparingly as they can be high in calories.


Be sure to provide plenty of fresh water throughout the day to keep your pup hydrated.


Common Health Problems

The Vizsla Golden Retriever mix is generally a very healthy breed, but like any breed, they may be prone to genetic health issues.


Common health problems include hip and elbow dysplasia, epilepsy, cancer, eye problems, and skin allergies.


Regular vet checkups are important to help diagnose any health problems early.


Additionally, good nutrition and regular exercise can promote a healthy lifestyle.



The Vizsla Golden Retriever mix is a delightful combination of two loyal and active breeds.


This hybrid is known for its friendly, fun-loving nature, robust health, and intelligence.


This breed requires plenty of exercises and mental stimulation, making it an excellent family pet.


Its coat requires regular brushing and a moderate amount of shedding.


Ultimately, the Vizsla Golden Retriever mix could be the perfect fit if you’re looking for an adaptable and active companion.


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