What Are The Good Gypsy Dog Names?

What Are The Good Gypsy Dog Names?

You’ve got a little dog in your life, and you’re looking for the best gypsy name.


First off, congratulations on your new pet. Second, we’ve compiled some of the best suggestions from around the internet to help you make that difficult decision.


We’ll explore more than 300 male and female names, as well as ideas for naming your dog if it’s a mixed breed or if it has special characteristics that most other dogs don’t have.


If you’re still stumped by the time you finish reading this article, be sure to check out our list of additional resources at the end so you can get more inspiration.


What are some good gypsy names for dogs?

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 Here are some great names for your puppy, who may be of gypsy stock.

  • Gypsy
  • Esmerelda
  • Anastasia
  • Mia
  • Jasmine
  • Scarlett
  • Ginger
  • Smokey
  • Hazel
  • Ziva


Male gypsy dog names?

You can name your male dog after a good gypsy or Romani name with a meaning.

Here are some of the most popular:


  • Chirpa – This is a great name for a dog that’s always running around and playing with other dogs. In life, Chiapas was the gypsies who kept in touch with one another through their travels and letters.
  • Patch – A male dog can be named Patch if he is small like these dogs are typically smaller than others. Gypsies often sewed patches onto their clothing in order to keep warm during cold weather, so this is an appropriate name for any little guy who needs some extra warmth on his body!

 Here are more ideas:

  • Carmella
  • Cupid
  • Dante
  • Diva
  • Erasmus
  • Evelyn
  • Fancy-Free
  • Fifi
  • Gargamel (rascal)
  • Gizmo (gremlin)



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Female gypsy dog names?

Gypsy is a perfect name for any female dog that loves to travel and explore the world.


If you have a dog that likes to travel with you, this is one of the best names for her.


The name you choose for your pup will reflect their personality, so take some time to think about it.


Here are some great ideas for female gypsy dog names:

  • Emma
  • Maeve
  • Ginger
  • Ruby
  • Scarlett
  • Roxanne
  • Amelia


Gypsy dog names inspiration.

Gypsy is a name that is inspired by the gypsy people. The word “gypsy” can be traced back to the 16th century when it was used to describe an ethnic group known as Romani.


The Romani are an ethnic group who originated in Northern India and then migrated westward through Europe and over time became known as “gypsies.”


Gypsy was adopted by many dog owners not only because of its association with the gypsies but also because of its popularity among humans.


It’s currently ranked #128 on our list of most popular girl names for babies born in 2017, so it’s definitely not going anywhere anytime soon!



The last thing to keep in mind is that, while there are lots of names out there, none of them are right or wrong.


If your dog likes a certain name, you should use it.


And if they don’t, try again until you find one that suits their personality!


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