Why Do Dogs Like Kissing Sounds? (Kissing Noises & Sounds)

Why Do Dogs Like Kissing Sounds

Have you ever made kissy noises to dogs when you see them?

It is not always because they are so sweet and lovable.

But it is natural and more convenient to purse your lips and make that sound.

And dogs in return respond to it mostly with love, especially if they are trained or have been with humans for longer.


Why They React?

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1. Noises

This reaction is thought to be a by-product of evolution.

And the noise emitted by a human’s pursed lips is similar to the high-pitched noises dogs make to communicate.

The squeaks and chirps can travel long distances and can signify anything from looking for missing mates or members to danger.

Emitting a noise similar to their repertoire of communicating will get their attention.

Sometimes good or sometimes bad.


2. Early Conditioning

Dogs can detect changes in pitch and tones of voices and pick up high-frequency noises imperceptible to the human ear.

This makes dogs effective as support animals.

Dog whistles were invented to get dog’s attention, but kissy noises work just as well as getting their attention.

It is thought to be especially enjoyable to puppies who love it and since we love puppies the natural progression is playing with them.

This conditioning can be carried into their adulthood to expect a treat or a playful session when they hear the kissy noises coming from their human.


3. Dogs’ Behavior

As much as it is a simple way to get a dog’s attention you might want to use it sparingly especially with dogs you do not know.

Some dogs react aggressively.

And because it is a kissing noise, a complex mesh of noises with some high-frequency pitches we cannot pick up, it cuts through background noise.

Coupled with a dog’s sensitivity to it, it can sound like nails on a chalkboard to them.

Conditioning can elicit a positive response but for some dogs not used to it, an aggressive reaction may be the case as they find it irritating.



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Because of this, it is a great way to become friendly with unknown dogs or just be affectionate with your pup.

As universal as it is, it has applications in some professions.

Like Veterinarians meeting new dogs, police or animal control calming dogs that may be aggressive.




If you use this as a call or command often, do not be surprised when you make a kissing noise while being affectionate to another human and your dog comes bounding in interrupting.

They heard the noise and assumed you were calling them for affection.

How to stop your dog from interrupting showing affection to other humans is another whole article on its own.

If you happen to have a dog that loves the kissy noises be happy and enjoy the display of love and affection.


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