Why do Dogs Whine to go Out But Will Not Go Potty?

Why do Dogs Whine to go Out But Will Not Go Potty?

This is a common question for dog owners.


Why is my dog whining to go out and not potty?


There are several reasons why your dog may be doing this.


  • They might be marking their spot.
  • Your dog might be looking for a new place to potty.
  • They might have a UTI.
  • Dogs whine because they are trying to communicate something.


They might be marking their spot.

Dogs are likely to mark their territory with urine, which can be during playtime or when they feel nervous and stressed.


When a dog urinates, it’s expected that they leave its scent behind to communicate with other dogs where they are present and want to claim the spot as theirs.


Your dog might be looking for a new place to potty.

Dogs are creatures of habit, and they don’t like change.


If a dog has been using the same place for pottying for a long time, he might be feeling pressured by your expectation that he go in that place now, forcing him to do something he doesn’t want to do (in this case, going potty) will make him more resistant next time you ask.


Suppose your pup is usually very good at being left alone but starts whining when left alone now.


Or if it seems like she’s trying very hard not to do something she usually does—it could be because she wants something different from what’s expected.


This is especially true with puppies under six months old who haven’t quite gotten used to how big they are yet; they’re still getting used to having enough space.



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They might have a UTI.

If you see the signs of a UTI, you must get your dog to the vet immediately.


A (UTI) is an infection in the urinary tract that can be painful and uncomfortable for your pup but also very dangerous if left untreated.


Suppose your dog is female and has been experiencing frequent urination with little or no urine, straining to urinate.


In that case, blood in her urine and increased water consumption—all of which are symptoms of a UTI—then she could suffer from one.


It’s important to note that male dogs can also contract this condition; however, it is more common in female dogs due to their anatomy.


Dogs whine because they are trying to communicate something.

It is essential to understand that dogs do not whine for no reason.


Are they trying to annoy you and communicate something?


It may be that your dog needs your attention, or it could be something else entirely.


If your dog whines while you are eating dinner with him, he may want some of your food.


If he is whining at night and goes outside and pees on the grass, then comes back inside and goes right back to sleep without even taking a treat from you as a reward for pottying outside (which most dogs would do if they had just gone) then your dog just wanted to go.



Dogs are like people in that they have their personalities and ways of doing things.


Some dogs might whine to go out but then won’t go potty.


Others may complain when they have to pee or poop in the same place they always do.


You must know what your dog is trying to communicate so you can act appropriately.


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