Why Does My Dog Keep Making Chuffing Sounds?

Why Does My Dog Keep Making Chuffing Sounds

If you hear a sound coming from your dog that sounds like “chuff,” it might not be what you think.


Many people assume their dogs are sneezing, but the reality is something completely different.


In this article, we’ll explain why your dog keeps making chuffing sounds, and how you can tell if he’s actually sneezing or just doing his thing.


Why Does My Dog Keep Making Chuffing Sounds?

Chuffing is a form of communication. It’s a way for your dog to communicate with you, and also other dogs.


The main reason why dogs chuff is because they want to make themselves seem bigger and more intimidating.


In this case, the chuffing usually happens when your dog wants to play or get food from another dog or human.


Chuffing can also be used as an expression of excitement at seeing someone who you know well, like your owner or another family member.


If your dog has never chuffed before but suddenly starts doing it all the time, it could be because there’s something going on in his environment that he feels threatened by.


This might be unfamiliar people coming into your home or neighborhood; someone yelling at him from outside, or other animals approaching too closely while he’s eating dinner.


It’s important not to confuse such behavior with aggression so that you don’t get bitten!



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How can I tell if my dog is chuffing or sneezing?

Dog pre sneeze


Chuffing noises are similar to a sneeze, but they’re not the same thing.


Chuffing is caused by an issue with the dog’s airway that makes it difficult to breathe through the nose and mouth at the same time.


If you hear a chuffing sound from your dog and she doesn’t have a head cold or other respiratory condition, then this may be an indicator that something else is going on.


In most cases, chuffing is harmless and nothing to worry about—but if your pet continues making these sounds for more than a few days or if they become more frequent over time, contact your vet right away.


Can I stop my dog from chuffing?

Yes, you can stop your dog from chuffing. There are many different reasons why dogs chuff, so it’s important to determine which one applies to your situation.


If your dog is anxious, stressed, or fearful and you would like to help him feel more comfortable in his environment, then we recommend working with a certified professional trainer or behaviorist who can give you advice on how best to proceed.


If you think that the chuffing may be due to pain or injury, for example, arthritis, contact a veterinarian for an examination as soon as possible.


When the chuffing occurs due to your dog’s overexcitement around food or toys, we suggest using positive reinforcement training methods such as building an “ear target” using a treat so that they will look at you instead of focusing on their favorite toy while playing fetch outside.



Remember, if your dog seems to like it is making chuffing noises more than normal, you should take him to the vet.


He might be sick or have a sore that needs to be looked at.


If you notice something unusual about your dog’s chuffing, it could mean that he is in pain and needs some extra help from a professional.


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