Why Dogs Are Disgusting? (6 Reasons from Non-Dog Owners)

Why Dogs Are Disgusting

As much as we love our dogs and want everybody else to do the same, there are just some people who are not, and will never be, fond of dogs.

It does not mean that they hate your dog, but they do not like dogs in general.


People do not like dogs because dogs like to eat poop (yikes!), they pee everywhere, and they sniff other dog’s butts.



While this may be true, these characteristics are what make dogs as they are.


In today’s article, we will be sharing with you six reasons why non-dog owners think dogs are disgusting and what you can do if your best friend cannot seem to get along with your furry friend.



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Top 6 Reasons Why Dogs Are Disgusting (As Told by Non-Dog Owners)       


1. Dogs love eating poop

Of course, this must be number one on the list of every non-dog owner (and probably for dog owners, too!).

Dogs love to eat poop, and many are wondering why.


One of the reasons is that when they were puppies, the momma dog cleans them by licking their butts and eating their poop to keep their den clean and keep it scent-free so that the place will not attract various predators to it.


Aside from this, bored dogs often eat their poop to get their owner’s attention.

After all, even bad attention is considered “getting attention”!


If you are a dog owner and your dog often eats poop, please check out to ensure that he does not have any parasites or issues in the pancreas.

Make sure that you are feeding your dog adequately and on time, too, to help them from developing a bad habit of eating their poop.



2. Dogs are fond of sniffing other dog’s butts

dog sniffing bum of another dogg

Aside from eating their poop, dogs seem to love sniffing other dog’s butts, which surely disgusts non-dog owners!


It may be weird to us (even for fur parents), but sniffing each other’s butts helps dogs learn about different dog’s emotional states, gender, and diet.


The anal sacs present in their butts communicate a dog’s genetics and the state of their immune system through the secretion of acids.


Overall, dogs learn a lot about other dogs simply by sniffing their butts.


3. Dogs smell weird

Another reason dogs gross out non-dog owners is that they tend to smell weird.


When dogs walk on the ground, they pick up lots of bacteria and other organisms.


And since dogs release sweat from the pads of their feet, the mixture of bacteria and sweat produces a weird corn chip-like smell that can result in what people most commonly call “Frito Feet.”


4. Dogs love rolling in the dirt

You may have just bathed your dog when you find it a few minutes later rolling in a pile of dirt.

This behavior is normal, so you do not have to worry about it.


However, it is one of the behaviors you and many other non-dog owners may find weird and gross.


Evolutionarily speaking, dogs may be doing this to mask their smell so that they will not be stalked and hunted down by predators.

This behavior is an ingrained response that stems from your dog’s instinct to want to survive against predators.


Or… your dog may just find the whole thing fun.


5. Dogs love to lick people’s feet

dog licking owner's feet

Dogs love licking feet because, for them, this is one way of showing their love and their way of trying to get your attention and approval.


Aside from this, humans also have sweat glands on their feet.

And since dogs have a very high and acute sense of smell, they gain a lot of complex information simply by licking your feet.


Through this, they learn a lot about you and your other family members.

They understand your emotions and your feelings better and based on that.


They would know whether they should get up and show that they want to go for a walk or cuddle with you to support you in whatever you are going through.


6. Dogs love licking faces

Dogs eat poop, sniff other dog’s butts, and lick other people’s feet.

Now, can you imagine them licking your face after they have done all these?

It is one reason why non-dog owners are disgusted by dogs – because they do not want bacteria and other foreign contaminants to be transferred to their bodies via a dog’s saliva.


Some also have very sensitive faces, so if anything, dirty comes across their skin, the tendency is they can develop rashes and other allergies.

Which can be traced back to a culprit with fur and four paws.


Key Takeaway

Having a furry friend that you love the most can be a great feeling.


However, others may not feel the same, and that is perfectly fine.


Again, just because a person dislikes a dog does not mean that they hate your dog in particular – there are just some things they dislike about dogs in general, and you should not take it personally.


So, what if your friend does not get along well with your furry friend?

Well, what you can do is introduce the two of them together and help your friend understand that your furry pet is a member of the family, and you do not want to choose between the two of them.


With lots of patience and perseverance, your friend would soon love not just you but your pet too!


If you are a non-dog owner and know someone who has a dog, try to be careful with the words you will be saying whenever you are around them.


As much as possible, avoid calling their dog “disgusting” or “gross” because these furry friends are family, and you might end up hurting your friend’s feelings if you do so.


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