Why is my Female Dog Obsessed With my Boyfriend?

Why is my Female Dog Obsessed With my Boyfriend

You love your dog, and you think she loves you.


But lately, it seems like she’s been ignoring you and spending all her time with your boyfriend.


Is this a sign that she prefers men over women?


Not necessarily. Here are some common reasons why female dogs might seem to like hanging out with male humans:


She might have a more submissive nature and thus feel less comfortable around women.

If your dog is a female and prefers male humans, it may have something to do with her more submissive nature.


Dogs are pack animals living in societies with a dominant leader, and they don’t like being alone and would rather be around other dogs or humans.


The company of other animals can help them feel less anxious because they’re used to living in groups.


Most females tend to be more submissive than males, so it’s no surprise that your female will prefer hanging out with men rather than women (or even another dog).


She might also feel more comfortable around you because you’re the one who takes care of her every day.


She learned they could get away with more men, especially if that man were a family member.

female dog obsessed with a boy



We have learned a few things about dog training that may help you understand why your female dog is obsessed with your boyfriend:

  1. Dogs are pack animals and can be influenced by the alpha male.
  2. Dogs are also susceptible to body language and tone of voice.
  3. Although we usually think of them as loyal creatures who will obey any command from their owners no matter what happens around them because they love us so much, this isn’t true.

Dogs can sometimes behave in ways that seem counterintuitive when it comes to obeying commands from men over women simply because they’ve been trained not to respond or react for fear of getting kicked out of their pack (or worse).



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If you and your boyfriend often disagree about disciplining your dog.

Your dog may be confused by the different disciplines.


A dog’s behavioral issues can often be linked to a lack of consistency in the field and clear rules, so if you and your boyfriend often disagree about disciplining your dog, this could also be causing her behavior.


As a result of the confusion about who is in charge and what type of discipline she should expect from each person in your household, she will likely try to get away with behaviors you do not condone.


Your boyfriend may allow her to jump on him while you are out of the house or even punish her harshly when he is around but then let it go when you come home, which will confuse her even more.


Your boyfriend may just be spending more time with your dog.

It could be that your boyfriend is spending more time with your dog, or his demeanor may allow for more bad behavior than yours.


Your dog might feel comfortable around your boyfriend because he’s a man, and she can act like a brat without fearing the consequences.


This can cause her to engage in unwanted behaviors, such as jumping up on him or trying to steal food from his plate.


You should also consider that it may be your boyfriend who is encouraging these bad habits, even if unintentionally.


Even if he doesn’t mean any harm by it, his leniency towards the problem could exacerbate it.



The bottom line is that your dog loves you, but she’s probably not trying to be malicious.


She wants more attention than she’s getting and knows how to get it by being slightly naughty.


If you can find ways to spend some one-on-one time with her, it will go a long way in making her feel like part of the family again.


After all, she loves you equally—she sometimes needs extra attention.


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