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Acid Ball Python

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While many people have heard of ball pythons and may even have a vague idea of what they look like, they might not have a full grasp of what it means to keep one as a pet.


If you’ve been thinking about getting a ball python as a pet, there are a lot of things you’ll need to know in advance.


Not only do ball pythons have their own unique requirements, but they can also be extremely loving and docile if given the right environment.


Keeping a ball python as a pet is a long-term commitment, and you’ll need to take it seriously from the outset.


Read on for everything you need to know about ball pythons.


What is Acid Ball Python?

acid ball python


The name Acid Ball Python comes from the fact that these snakes do not produce much venom and are therefore less dangerous than other pythons and boas.


This makes them safer for people who want to keep a pet snake but cannot handle the dangers of handling one of these animals.


Acid Ball Python Morphs

When purchasing an Acid Ball Python, it’s important to make sure you get the specific morph that you want.


There are many different morphs of ball pythons available and some can be more valuable than others.


Some of the most popular morphs include:

  • Albinos
  • Caramel Albino (Cream)
  • Hypo Yellowbelly (Yellow)
  • Mojave Albino (Tan)



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How much does an acid ball python cost?

As with any other type of snake, the price depends on a variety of factors.


In this case, it mostly depends on how rare your snake is.


For example, if you have an albino acid ball python (extremely rare), your price might be as much as $10,000.


On the other hand, a normal adult acid ball python could cost around $1500.


There are many factors that will determine how much an adult costs:

  • Age
  • Coloration and patterning
  • Size/length


Morphs Definition

acid ball python


A morph is a genetic mutation that results in one or more new traits.


These traits are not present in the parent snakes but are instead passed on from an individual who carries the recessive gene for that trait.


A recessive gene is usually considered to be “hidden,” since it only shows up when paired with another recessive gene.


A co-dominant mutation is just as it sounds: both alleles are expressed and neither allele dominates over the other; they’re both equally visible (and dominant).


A dominant mutation will take over any other allele present, so only one of its characteristics will be visible at a time – you can’t have two dominant mutations at once, because there’s no room for both!


The morph guide below is just to give an idea of what you might see when shopping for your new pet.

  1. Albinos: Red eyes with pink or red bodies
  2. Het Albino: Yellow eyes with pink or red bodies
  3. Snow Albinos: Yellow eyes with white bodies
  4. Pastels: Yellow or cream-colored snakes with light blue/green/yellow markings or stripes
  5. Het Pastels: Cream-colored snakes with white markings (blue/green/yellow)
  6. Ghosts: White snakes with black markings
  7. Tropicals: Green snakes with yellow/red stripes


Breathing Tips

Another thing that makes these snakes unique is their breathing style.


Unlike other ball pythons, they don’t breathe by opening and closing their mouth – instead, they use the sides of their head to breathe through openings called lateral nasal pores (sometimes referred to as venting).


These pores are located on either side of the head behind each eye, and when your snake opens them it looks like there are little slits or holes that open up on either side of its head.


This allows them to take in oxygen directly through their skin rather than through their mouth.


Super Acid Ball Python


Does Super acid ball pythons exist?

No, the title is wrong. There is no such thing as a super acid ball python.


All pythons are not created equal and there are many different subspecies of ball pythons.


Some are more aggressive than others, some are more docile than others, and some have incredible patterns while others do not.


The term “super” implies that this snake is somehow better than any other snake out there and that’s simply not true.


Many people use this term to describe their snakes because they want their snakes to stand out from the crowd.


It’s also used when someone wants to show off their snake for social media purposes or so that people will think that they’re cool by having this type of snake (for example).


This can be considered somewhat narcissistic and it makes no sense from an evolutionary standpoint because it’s not like having a super acid ball python would be any better at surviving in the wild than any other normal one would be!


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