Are Mystery Snail Eggs Supposed To Be In Water?

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Mystery snails are a type of aquatic gastropod, belonging to the family Viviparidae.


These unique and attractive creatures have become increasingly popular in the aquatic hobby due to their easy care requirements and interesting behaviors.


But when it comes to mystery snail eggs, many aquarists don’t know what to do. So, are mystery snail eggs supposed to be in the water? Let’s take a closer look.


Where Do Mystery Snails Lay Their Eggs?

Mystery snail eggs are usually laid on the sides of the tank, usually above the water line.


This helps the eggs stay out of reach of predators, as well as provides a more stable environment for them to develop without the risk of being washed away by currents in the tank.


The eggs will be adhered to the side of the aquarium with a thin layer of jelly-like material, making them difficult to remove without damaging them.


Do Mystery Snail Eggs Need Water To Hatch?       

Yes, even though they are not directly in contact with water while they are attached to the side of the aquarium, mystery snail eggs still need water to hatch successfully.


If the eggs are allowed to dry out, they will perish and never hatch.


To help keep the eggs hydrated and increase their chances of hatching, aquarists should keep their tanks at least partially filled with water at all times.


This can be as little as 2-3 inches deep if needed, just enough to provide some humidity for the eggs.



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Should Mystery Snail Eggs Be Removed From The Aquarium?


No, it’s not necessary to remove the eggs from the tank for them to hatch successfully.


In fact, it’s not recommended as this could damage or break some of the eggs which would then perish and never hatch.


If you do decide to remove the eggs from their original location, make sure you do it very gently and keep them moist during transport as any sudden drops in humidity could also damage them beyond repair.


It’s also important to use a container that is non-toxic and large enough for all of the eggs so you don’t risk overcrowding or smashing them together when trying to move them.


Why Are Mystery Snail Eggs So Hard To Find?

Mystery snail eggs can be difficult to spot because they blend in perfectly with the decorations in your tank and can easily be mistaken for a bit of algae or detritus.


The jelly-like substance holding them onto the side of your tank also makes them difficult to see unless they are in direct light or examined very closely.


Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to make finding mystery snail eggs easier.


For one thing, check your aquarium walls frequently for signs of sticky jelly or clusters of small white eggs.


You can also try adding black plastic egg crates or netting above your water line which will create an attractive alternative location for snails to lay their eggs if you don’t want them stuck directly onto your tank walls.


Are Mystery Snail Eggs Poisonous To Fish?

No, mystery snail eggs are not poisonous or toxic to fish or other animals in your tank so you don’t need to worry about them causing any harm when they hatch.


In fact, they should actually help balance out your tank’s ecosystem by providing an additional food source for fish and other aquatic life forms once they become mobile adult snails!




are mystery snail eggs supposed to be in the water?


No – while keeping your tank partially filled with water will help provide humidity and increase chances of successful hatching, mystery snail eggs should generally remain attached to their original location outside of the water line.


They are also not safe for human consumption so should not be eaten and won’t present any danger if left alone until hatching time!


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