Is Reptisoil Safe For Leopard Geckos?

Is Reptisoil Safe For Leopard Geckos?

We’ve all heard of Reptisoil, a substrate made of small, round pebbles.


It’s one of the most popular choices for Leopard Geckos because it provides them with a great hiding place.


However, many people have concerns about using this material in their tanks.


So today, we’re going to answer the question: Is Reptisoil safe for leopard geckos? Let’s find out.


What Is Reptisoil?

reptisoil for leopard gecko

ReptiSoil is an artificial substrate made up of small, round pebbles.


It’s an excellent choice for leopard geckos because it provides the animal with a comfortable environment to burrow in and offers them thousands of places to hide.


Reptisoil can be used in terrariums, enclosures, and many other reptile habitats.


If you want to use Reptisoil with your leopard gecko, ensure no honed edges on the rocks.


What are the pros and cons of Reptisoil for Leopard Geckos?

The pros of using Reptisoil for leopard geckos are as follows:

  • It’s a safe and effective substrate for your gecko’s tank.
  • Reptisoil is easy to clean and doesn’t hold onto odors as other substrates can.
  • The texture of the substrate grips the gecko’s toe pads so they don’t slip around on it. This makes climbing and hunting insects easier, which is vital since climbing is what they do best.


The only con we can think of when it comes to using Reptisoil for leopard geckos is that it may be hard for them to find any food hiding beneath their feet because there’s not much depth at all with this kind of substrate (but this isn’t a deal-breaker).



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Is Reptisoil Safe For Leopard Geckos?

Reptisoil is considered safe for leopard geckos. This substrate comprises small, round pebbles that allow the animal to burrow and hide under them.


Leopard geckos typically live in sandy environments, so using this material adds more texture to their terrarium and makes it feel more like home.


It also helps keep humidity levels high since reptiles need a high humidity level to stay healthy and happy.


To take care of its needs and safety, you should always wear gloves when handling reptile products, including Reptisoil.


In addition, make sure there are no sharp edges or other hazards that could be dangerous if they were knocked over by an escaped or otherwise aggressive leopard froglet (what baby Leopard Geckos are called).



Reptisoil is a safe option for Leopard Geckos. It is made up of small, round pebbles, which allow the animal to burrow and hide under them.


This substrate also provides a natural source of calcium, phosphorus, and other minerals that leopard geckos need to stay healthy.


Plus, it’s easy to maintain because it doesn’t require special care like cleaning or changing out dirty bedding material.


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