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Rankin's Dragon Vs Bearded Dragon

You’re not alone if you’re looking at images of Rankin’s Dragon and the Bearded Dragon and wondering how they are different.


Both are lizards that live in Australia and both have a similar name. Here is what you need to know about these two reptiles.


What is a Rankin’s Dragon?

Rankin’s Dragon


A Rankin’s Dragon is a type of lizard. While it shares many characteristics with the Bearded Dragon, there are some key differences between these two lizards that distinguish them from one another.


Rankin’s Dragons have short squat legs and a long tail, making them appear more like a snake than a lizard.


They are small in size and can grow to be two feet long, but this size may vary depending on their environment.


Fun fact: Rankin’s Dragon this fictional character is a dragon who lives in Australia and has been known to consume his fair share of vegetables from time to time.


If you’re looking for an exotic pet with personality and charm, then look no further than this species of reptile!


What is a Bearded Dragon?

Bearded Dragon


Bearded dragons are a type of Australian lizard that is known for their docile nature and hardiness in captivity.


They’re omnivorous, which means they eat both plants and animals, making it easy to feed these lizards as pets.


They’re solitary animals, so many people will only keep one in their home at any given time.


However, if you want to get two or more bearded dragons, it’s important to make sure they’re always kept in separate enclosures.


Although the Bearded Dragon is not a dragon at all (they’re actually lizards), there are some similarities between this real-life reptile and Rankin’s Dragon—for example, they both live in Australia!


But if you look closer, there are some pretty significant differences as well.



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What is the difference between a Rankin’s dragon and a bearded dragon?

While many people are more familiar with the bearded dragon, Rankin’s dragons are also commonly kept as pets.


The differences between these two types of dragons can help you decide which is right for you.


Here’s a quick comparison:


Bearded dragons are more popular than Rankin’s dragons.

While it’s always fun to be a trendsetter and have an unusual pet, if you want to find information about your pet or need supplies, bearded dragons give you more options.


Rankin’s dragons are easier to care for than bearded dragons

because they don’t require as much light and heat from their environment and don’t need as much space to roam around in.


This makes them ideal for apartments or small homes where heating an enclosure is difficult or expensive.


Rankin’s dragons are more colorful than bearded dragons

Which makes them look fancier and classier when people come over for dinner parties–and who doesn’t want that?


Rankin’s dragons typically grow to be smaller than bearded dragons and can fit into the palm of your hand (or into your pocket!).

This can make them even more portable if you choose to keep your reptile friend with you all the time, like when traveling on airplanes or public transportation (just remember that some airlines prohibit live animals).


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