15 USA-Based Catahoula Leopard Dog Breeders

15 USA-Based Catahoula Leopard Dog Breeders

With a strong, muscular body and a broad head, the Catahoula Leopard Dog is one of the most striking breeds in the world.


These medium-sized dogs have piercing dark eyes and a coat that comes in many different colors.


Although they are known for their hunting instincts and love of water, these dogs also make great companions for families.


If you’re interested in buying a Catahoula Leopard Dog puppy from a reputable breeder, check out our list of breeders below.


We’ve done all the hard work for you by researching each breeder and visiting their facilities to ensure they’re providing healthy, happy puppies to new owners!


15 USA-Based Catahoula Leopard Dog Breeders:


  • 3 Shoes Ranch
  • Monaghan Catahoula’s
  • Rancho Santiago Catahoula’s
  • Confederate Catahoulas
  • White Rock Catahoulas
  • Hur Fresh Start Farms
  • Middle TN Leopard Catahoulas
  • Windridge Farms Catahoulas
  • JT Strong Kennels
  • T Bar S Catahoulas
  • O’Leas’ Acres Catahoulas
  • BrewCat Catahoulas
  • Jenuine Catahoulas
  • Sterling Springs Ranch
  • Warrior River Kennels


3 Shoes Ranch

3 Shoes Ranch is located in Pilot Rock, Oregon. They are a small family-owned kennel.


They raise Catahoula Leopard Dogs and also have some other breeds as well.


3 Shoes Ranch has been raising dogs over the years and loves to see the joy they bring to people’s lives.


Their dogs are raised with their family and other pets on the ranch. They run free in large fenced areas with lots of room to play.


3 Shoe Ranch raises puppies from pure-bred parents that are AKC registered and have excellent pedigrees and health clearances.


Puppies come with a one-year good health guarantee against genetic defects if you provide proof of vaccination within 30 days of the purchase date.


If you are looking for a loving companion that will be there when you need them, consider reaching out to them.


Monaghan Catahoula’s

Monaghan Catahoula’s is a small family-run kennel located in southeast Louisiana.


They are dedicated to producing quality American Catahoula Leopard Hounds, AKC registered and OFA Certified. Most of their dogs come from Champion bloodlines with excellent temperaments, good health, and natural ability.


They breed for temperament first, then type and soundness of hips and elbows in their breeding stock.


They have Catahoulas of many colors, including red roan, brindle, blue merle, and solid black.


All their dogs are raised in the family home with lots of love, care, and attention from the whole family!


Rancho Santiago Catahoula’s

Rancho Santiago Catahoulas is located in Dickens, Texas.


They breed to preserve the Catahoula Leopard Dog’s heritage.


The Rancho Santiago site has information about the breed, photos of their puppies, upcoming litters, and news about upcoming events.


Confederate Catahoulas

Confederate Catahoulas is a small family-owned kennel located in Citrus, Florida.


They are dedicated to breeding beautiful quality Catahoulas, with an emphasis on temperament as well as conformation.


Their main goal is not only to produce dogs with outstanding pedigrees but also healthy dogs with sound minds and bodies.


Confederate Catahoulas dogs are registered with the International Catahoula Leopard Dog Association (ICLA) and American Kennel Club (AKC).


White Rock Catahoulas

White Rock Catahoulas is a family-owned and operated cattery located in Oklahoma.


They are is dedicated to breeding healthy, happy, and well-adjusted companions with sound temperaments.


The puppies are raised in their home with lots of love, attention, socialization, and playtime.


They are dedicated to producing top-quality dogs that meet all AKC standards.


Their breeding program is designed to produce dogs with correct conformation and temperament while maintaining the look and feel of the Catahoula Leopard Dog.


Their website includes detailed information on how to find a puppy from them, what they expect from potential buyers, etc.


Hur Fresh Start Farms

Hur Fresh Start Farms has been raising American Catahoula Leopard Dogs for years.


They live on a small farm in Commerce, Texas, and dogs are raised naturally and are never caged.


Hur Fresh Start Farms’ goal is to produce happy, healthy, well-behaved pets that will make great companions for any family.


Puppies are raised in their home and socialized with children and other animals.


They come pre-spoiled with all shots up to date, a health certificate, a written contract of guarantee, a travel crate, and a puppy food sample.


They offer a lifetime support program for each puppy they sell, so you can always count on them for help with any questions or issues you may have with your new puppy!


Middle TN Leopard Catahoulas

Middle TN Leopard Catahoulas is located in the heart of middle Tennessee.


They are a small family-run kennel that has been breeding Leopard Dogs & Cats for over 20 years.


They have a well-rounded litter ready to go home now!


The dogs are raised with children, cats, and other dogs and are extremely well socialized.


Their puppies are sold with a limited AKC registration form and will come, vet, checked, microchipped, wormed, and first set of shots.



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Windridge Farms Catahoulas

Windridge Farms is a kennel located in Northern California.


They are dedicated to breeding and raising Catahoula Leopard Dogs with love and care.


The main goal is to produce healthy, socialized puppies that make great companions.


The dogs are raised in their home surrounded by family and friends.


They believe this helps them develop into well-adjusted pets as they mature.


Windridge Farms provide a health guarantee on all puppies born. If your puppy becomes ill within its first year of life, Windridge Farms will replace it with a new puppy free of charge!


JT Strong Kennels

They are located in Delhi, Louisiana. JT Strong Kennels is the premier breeder of Catahoula Leopard dogs.


JT Strong Kennels has been breeding Cattle Dogs for years and has produced some of the best Catahoulas available today.


All dogs are raised in our home until they go to their new homes at eight weeks old.


They will have been vaccinated, wormed, vet checked, and microchipped before leaving.


These Breeders strive to produce healthy puppies with excellent temperaments and good conformation who will make wonderful pets and companions.


T Bar S Catahoulas

The T Bar S Catahoulas are located in Venice, Florida.


They specialize in breeding beautiful and healthy animals that will make excellent companions.


They have been raising Catahoulas for years and have a reputation for producing top-quality dogs.


Their kennel is T Bar S because their dogs have been registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC).


O’Leas’ Acres Catahoulas

O’Leas’ Acres is a family-owned and operated cattery in Northern Florida dedicated to breeding beautiful, healthy, and well-socialized dogs.


Their goal is to produce quality puppies that will make excellent companions for years to come.


They have been involved with the Catahoula Leopard Dog for over the years.


Their dogs are bred for temperament and health first and foremost. O’Leas’ Acres take pride in dogs and their personalities.


When you buy a puppy from them, you can be assured that they will be as healthy as possible and grow up to be great companions!


BrewCat Catahoulas

BrewCat Catahoulas is a small hobby breeder located in Huntington, Texas, and specializes in breeding AKC-registered purebred Catahoula Leopard Dogs.


Their dogs are bred for temperament and health, not color or size.


They are raised in their home and socialized with children and other pets.


They take pride in providing the best possible environment for the puppies to grow up in.


All puppies have a one-year health guarantee against congenital disabilities that may appear at birth, death before 12 months, or hip dysplasia.


In addition, they are microchipped and dewormed regularly.


Jenuine Catahoulas

Jenuine Catahoulas is a small family-run kennel located in New Jersey.


They are a small kennel with a passion for dogs and the breed in general.


The dogs and puppies are hand-raised here on the farm. They pride themselves on providing wonderful companions to all that adopt one of their pups!


Jenuine goal is to produce healthy, happy, socialized puppies with correct conformation (physical traits) for each breed standard and appropriate temperament for their specific breed type – whether it be a hunting dog or a companion animal (such as an agility or service dog).


Sterling Springs Ranch

Sterling Springs Ranch is a breeder of exceptional Catahoula Leopard Dogs.


Dogs are family members and important additions to our lives.


They raise them with love and care, so you can rest assured that your puppy will be well socialized and ready to join your family.


They are dedicated to breeding healthy, happy puppies who will make great companions for years.


Their puppies are carefully selected based on temperament, conformation, and health testing results that conform to the AKC standard for the Catahoula Leopard Dog breed.


They also test their adult dogs annually for hips, elbows, thyroid function, and eyesight through OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals).


Warrior River Kennels

Warrior River Kennels is located in Montevallo, Alabama.


They have been in the business of breeding and showing quality dogs over the years, intending to produce healthy, well-socialized puppies that will make great companions and family members.


Their dogs are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC), and their pride themselves on serving their customers by providing them with quality dogs.


Warrior River Kennels specialize in breeding Catahoulas that meet the standard for conformation, temperament, health, and longevity.


The goal is to produce an outstanding Catahoula Leopard Dog with the best traits possible!



There is no better way to learn about a new breed than to go directly to the expert.


These 15 Catahoula Leopard Dog breeders are all great places to start if you’ve got any questions about the breed and want first-hand answers from an expert.


Each breeder listed below has a website with detailed information on their dogs and breeding programs, including references, pictures, and videos of each litter of puppies.


Most are happy to provide you with details about future litters, so be sure to contact them.


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