Why Is My French Bulldog Shaking And Panting?

Why Is My French Bulldog Shaking And Panting

When your Frenchie is shaking, panting, drooling, or showing other signs of distress as outlined in this article, the most likely cause is an anxiety attack.


To relieve their anxiety, French Bulldogs require mental and physical exercise; a calm environment; and close human contact.


Some treatments can help reduce the symptoms associated with anxiety attacks in French Bulldogs, including relaxation music and pheromone-based supplements.


Why Is My French Bulldog Shaking And Panting?

With that in mind, the most likely cause of this shaking is anxiety.


If you are out in public a lot with your Frenchie, or if you are around a lot of people in general, then this could be contributing to your dog’s anxiety level.


This can happen when Frenchie doesn’t feel comfortable with how he is being treated.


If you feel that this could be happening in your case, then it might be time to reconsider going out as much.


However, it might also be beneficial to speak with a trainer who can show you how to best interact with your French Bulldog at home so that he understands what role he has within the family unit and learns to feel more comfortable in his own surroundings.


For reference, here are the reasons why your french bulldog is shaking and panting at the same time:


  • anxiety
  • The weather and temperature
  • Being scared or nervous
  • Loud bangs and fireworks
  • Thunder and lightning



The weather and temperature

Your French Bulldog might be shaking and panting because the weather or temperature is too cold, which has caused their body to automatically adjust.


Your little Frenchie’s short muzzle does not allow them to regulate their body temperature as well as other dogs, so it’s required for them to wear a harness when taking walks in the winter months.


Being scared or nervous

Your Frenchie may be trying to tell you that he’s scared or nervous. He might also be afraid of new people, places, and things.


If your French, Bulldog is shaking and panting when you go on walks or make introductions, he likely has some fear issues that can be resolved fairly easily.


Loud bangs and fireworks

Loud bangs, such as fireworks and car accidents, may cause your French Bulldog to pant and shake.


Dogs hear at a higher frequency than humans, so their sensitivity to sounds is greater than ours.


For this reason, many dogs hate the sound of fireworks and will shake or pant until it ends.


Thunder and lightning

Thunder and lightning can scare a dog to death.


The loud claps, the flashes, and the vibrations from the ground shake their nervous systems.


These stressors can cause agitation and a release of adrenaline.



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Is my French Bulldog excited?

french bulldog excited


Your French Bulldog may be panting and shaking due to excitement.


They are high-energy dogs, so it can sometimes be hard for them to control their excitement.


Is My Frenchie in pain?

Yes, your dog may be acting like she’s in pain. She may be sick or has an underlying health problem.


If you think your Frenchie is in pain, it’s important to get her checked out by a veterinarian immediately.



Whether your French bulldog is shaking and panting chronically or occasionally, there are a few things to try before going to the vet.


Temperature and humidity can have an effect on Frenchie’s temperature regulation systems, but proper grooming can help regulate his body temperature as well.


Keep an eye out for disease signs like sneezing and sniffling that could be secondary problems stemming from other causes.


Run him through routine examinations at the vet every six months for a quick health check-up.


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