Akita Beagle Mix – Info, Pictures, & Facts

The Akita Beagle mix is a hybrid breed of pedigree dogs, bred by mixing the Akita Inu, a Japanese breed, and the Beagle, an American breed.


The Akita Beagle mix combines the intelligence, loyalty, and alertness of the Akita with the friendliness and energy of the Beagle.


This breed is highly affectionate, intelligent, loving, and playful.


They are highly devoted to their families, making them great family pets.


Read on to discover more about this unique breed’s characteristics and temperament!




25-27 inches


20-90 lb


10-12 years

Group (of Breed)


Best Suited For

active families with kids and other pets experienced dog owners


friendly, loyal, playful, alert, independent, intelligent



The Akita Beagle mix is believed to be a fairly new hybrid that can trace its ancestry back to the Beagle and the larger Akita breed.


This breed is a designer breed, meaning it was bred to combine the desirable traits of both parent breeds in one adorable pup.


Although this hybrid is relatively new, it has gained a loyal following due to its playful nature and stunning looks.



The Akita Beagle mix has a double coat consisting of an outer layer of longer, harsher guard hairs and an inner layer of a softer undercoat.


Expect moderate shedding with this breed; regular brushing is necessary to keep the coat healthy and remove excess fur.


Grooming needs include occasional baths, nail trimming, and wiping out ears.


The coat colors vary but most likely include black, white, brown, and fawn.



The Akita Beagle mix is a loyal, independent, and intelligent pup.


They are often eager to please, making them great family pets.


They thrive on attention and structure; they will require a little extra patience and training.


Akita Beagle Mix love to explore and stay active with their favorite human companions.


Their independent nature requires regular mental stimulation to avoid boredom.


This mix is not well suited for apartment living as they can be barkers and do best with a large yard where they can run quickly.


Exercise Requirements

The Akita Beagle mix is a hybrid breed that combines the energy and loyalty of the Akita with the outgoing and playful nature of the Beagle.


These dogs require plenty of exercise.


They need daily walks and run to remain healthy and content.


They should also be enrolled in obedience and agility classes for physical and mental exercise.


Additionally, they may benefit from hiking, swimming, or playing fetch.


The Akita Beagle mix can make a wonderful companion with proper exercise and training.



The Akita Beagle mix breed needs a high-energy diet with lots of protein and fatty acids that they would get from sources like chicken, beef, fish, and nuts.


The diet should also include carbohydrates from whole grains, fruits, and vegetables to provide energy and fiber.


Feedings should be spread out throughout the day in smaller portions to help the pup maintain energy levels.


Common Health Problems

Akita Beagle mixes are strong and hardy dogs, but they may still suffer from health issues such as hip dysplasia, heart problems, eye problems, allergies, and hypothyroidism.


They may also be prone to obesity, so it’s important to feed and exercise them appropriately.


Make sure to get regular check-ups for your pup so any health issues can be caught early.



The Akita Beagle mix is a unique combination of two amazing breeds.


They are known for being friendly, loyal, and alert, but they also have an Akita’s strength and protective demeanor.


This makes them the perfect combination for a family pet that is stable, protective and devoted yet still loving and playful.


They require plenty of exercises and regular grooming, but their devotion and loyalty are well worth the extra effort.


Owners of Akita Beagle mix report that these pooches are true family members from day one!


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