Black Mouth Cur Golden Retriever Mix – Info, Pictures, & Facts

The Black Mouth Cur Golden Retriever Mix is a designer dog made by cross-breeding a Golden Retriever with a Black Mouth Cur.


With distinctive coloring and an even temperament, they make wonderful family or therapy dogs.


Loyal and loving, they form close bonds with their family and actively seek out their company.


They are medium-sized, athletic dogs with intelligent minds.


They get along well with other pets and have low grooming needs.




18-24 inches


50-100 lb


10-16 years

Group (of Breed)


Best Suited For

active families with kids and other pets experienced dog owners


affectionate, loyal, playful, active, smart



The Black Mouth Cur Golden Retriever mix is a relatively new breed.


It combines two popular and well-known breeds; the Black Mouth Cur and the Golden Retriever.


This breed was created to combine the intelligence and friendly disposition of the Golden Retriever with the companionable energy and protectiveness of the Black Mouth Cur.


This loyal, loving, and smart breed makes a great family pet.


They have a steady temperament that makes them ideal pets for someone looking for an active and loyal companion.



Black Mouth Cur Golden Retriever mix is a medium-sized dog with a thick, medium-length coat.


The coat color can range from cream to red, with brown shading and black markings, and shed occasionally.


The coat needs regular brushing to keep it shiny and healthy, and occasional professional grooming may be needed for trimming the ears and paws.



The Black Mouth Cur Golden Retriever mix is a large, energetic, loyal breed.


They are inquisitive but have an even temperament and are gentle with children.


They are excellent guard dogs and have a strong instinct to protect their home and family.


The Black Mouth Cur Golden Retriever Mix is highly trainable, has a great desire to please, and is very intelligent, allowing for easy housebreaking.


Their loyalty makes them a perfect fit for an active family looking for a loving, loyal companion.


Exercise Requirements

Exercise requirements for this breed include daily walks, jogs, or hikes to keep it fit and healthy.


Playing fetch or Frisbee can also provide the necessary activity and stimulation this breed needs.


Owners should also provide the breed with plenty of mental stimulation by teaching it tricks and introducing new activities.



Black Mouth Cur Golden Retriever mixes diet should include high-quality protein-based dog kibble mixed with fresh fruits, vegetables, and cooked lean meats.


Treats should be given sparingly and specially formulated to ensure proper nutrient balance.


An occasional raw bone can help clean teeth and provide necessary minerals.


They should also have access to clean water at all times.


Common Health Problems

The Golden Retriever/Black Mouth Cur mix is known for being a loyal and active companion.


However, they are also susceptible to common health issues, including hip dysplasia and other joint problems, allergies, hypothyroidism, and ear infections.


These challenges can be managed or even prevented with regular vet visits and proper diet and exercise.



The Black Mouth Cur Golden Retriever mix is a highly energetic, intelligent, and loyal dog.


They may have a man of prey instinct and the ability to guard property, making them excellent for a watchful home.


They are friendly with people and other animals but may require additional socialization.


Since they are a hybrid breed, they can range in physical characteristics but typically have a double coat of medium-length fur.


They can make a great companion for active families or individuals with proper training and exercise.


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