Best Companion Dogs For Trail Running

Best Companion Dogs For Trail Running

When it comes to trail running, you want a dog that’s energetic and athletic.


They need to be able to keep up with your pace as well as be able to handle themselves on rough terrain.


While all dogs are capable of doing this, some breeds are better suited for this activity than others—and there’s certainly no shortage of variety when it comes to choosing a breed!




What are the best trail running dogs?

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If you’re looking for a dog that can keep up with your running, the first thing to consider is how much exercise the breed needs.


The best trail running dogs are high-energy and need regular exercise to stay happy and healthy.


While some small breeds may be good running companions, they aren’t large enough or tall enough to navigate rough terrain well.


Here are three breeds that would make excellent trail running companions:


  • American Cocker Spaniel
  • Siberian Huskie
  • Dachshund


American Cocker Spaniel

Cockers aka American Cocker Spaniels are very energetic but loyal and sweet dogs who can do just about anything outdoorsy with their humans.


They love hiking, swimming, hunting, and even camping! In fact, many Cockers prefer living in tents or RVs to traditional homes because it gives them more opportunities for adventure!


If you want a dog who will go everywhere with you and never complain about being bored or tired (like my old Border Collie), then we highly recommend this breed!


Siberian Huskie

Huskies are another excellent running partner because they are intelligent and athletic. Huskies love to run, so they’re perfect for long-distance hikes or even just taking a walk around the neighborhood!


They usually don’t need much exercise every day, but what they do get needs to be strenuous—like running or hiking.



Dachshunds are the smallest of all dog breeds, so they can’t run as far or fast as larger dogs.


However, they do have a lot of stamina and can keep going for hours if necessary!


They also love to play outside, so they will enjoy hiking or walking with you every day.





What Makes Certain Breeds Best for Trail Running?

Some dogs thrive on the thrill of a good run, while others will happily trot alongside you. But what makes certain breeds best for trail running?


A dog’s physical traits are important to consider when deciding whether it would be a good fit for trail running.


Does your pup have the right build and stamina to make it through long distances?


How much time and effort will you have to put into training them?


Are there any specific health concerns that could affect their ability or enjoyment of trail running with you?


These questions should be answered before making a commitment to training your dog for this activity.


It’s also worth noting that some dogs simply aren’t meant for running on trails or other off-leash environments due to behavioral traits or physical limitations.


For example, some breeds lack an inherent desire or instinctual drive to explore new places outside of their territory — these dogs are best suited for short walks around the neighborhood rather than longer hikes through wooded areas where there may not be paths cleared out yet and where wildlife might lurk.



We hope this article has given you some insight into what makes a good trail running dog.


Remember that every dog is different, and there’s no one-size-fits-all answer for which breed makes the best trail running buddy.


The most important thing to remember when you go looking for a new furry friend is that you need to find one who matches your own personality and lifestyle.


Don’t worry about whether or not they are an “ideal” trail runner – just make sure they will be happy and healthy in whatever environment they live in!


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