Can Dogs Eat Feijoa?

Can Dogs Eat Feijoa

There is no doubt that there’s a ton of different foods that we can offer to our dogs as a little treat for doing an excellent job in the recent walk in the park.


We get it — we want to reward them every once in a while, and that’s a good thing.


However, there might be a time that you are so excited about giving your fur baby a treat that you do not even know what you’re giving.


That might be everything that you can think is edible.


What about feijoas?


Do you even know what that is? Yes, those green oval fruits with a perfume vibe to them are the subject of this post.


Can dogs eat feijoa?


Let us find out!


What are feijoas?

feijoa for dogs


We can not blame you if you are unfamiliar with this fruit or have never heard of it before since this fruit is only found in select parts of the world.


Feijoas are a type of evergreen shrub or small tree, which bears the scientific name Acca sellowiana, and it grows 1–7 m tall.


It originates from South Brazil’s mountains, certain parts in Colombia, Paraguay, Uruguay, and North Argentina.


This plant is also cultivated in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, Iran (Ramsar), Tasmanian Australia, and New Zealand.


The feijoa has a unique look to it, and it almost resembles a fusion between a guava and a pineapple.


So, the fruit from this shrub is also referred to as guavasteen or pineapple guava.


The safety of feeding feijoas to dogs

is feijoa safe for dogs


Can dogs eat feijoa without getting sick or any form of discomfort? Yes!


It is quite usual for the natives of the places where this plant usually grows to find its fruit lying on the ground or the sidewalk, and several accounts prove that it is 100 percent safe to give this fruit as a treat to canines.


While grape jellies are particularly dangerous to dogs, as mentioned in this post, you can get away with picking one of the stray feijoas that you can find nearby.


Clean them off from any impurities, and give them to your dog.


However, it is worth noting that you should consider tasting it first.


If it is sour and you think your dog might not be able to handle it, do not feed it and resort to something else.



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So, can dogs eat feijoa?


Absolutely yes! You can give these green, guava-pineapple-looking fruit to your furry buddies without worry and unease.


Some dog owners find it handy to stumble upon a feijoa or two on the ground, and they give it to their dogs as a little treat while walking down the sidewalk.


They are definitely healthier than some processed dog treats out there.


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