Can Dogs Eat Cherry Tomatoes?

Can Dogs Eat Cherry Tomatoes

Most dogs like to taste whatever we are eating.


Whether it is a freshly-grilled pork belly or a raw veggie, the dog might finish the leftovers off!


In short, you cannot stop them from clamoring for more treats.


Vets usually do not advocate feeding leftover food to pets.


Although certain items are okay to offer as a reward every once and a while.


Cherry tomatoes are one of the others, and the safety of feeding these bright red fruits is quite unsure.


So, the question is, can dogs eat cherry tomatoes?


Let us find out as we progress through this post!


All About Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry Tomatoes For Dogs


Cherry tomatoes are often mistaken as a class of crops, which implies the plants produce a few compounds that are toxic to some species.


Including the potentially harmful solanine.


This component is a material present in a tomato’s leaves and stem, as well as other similar plants that are toxic to most dogs in significant concentrations.


The underlying question is, can dogs eat cherry tomatoes without any adverse effects on their health?


Fortunately, for dogs consuming occasional tomatoes, solanine is more contained throughout the green areas of a tomato vine.


The leaves, roots, and fresh green tomatoes produce higher levels of solanine enzyme than mature ones.


Which ensures that ripe cherry tomatoes are usually healthy for feeding to dogs.


However, this might be troublesome for some of the owners who grow a cherry tomato in the yard.


So we need to think about the dogs consuming cherry tomatoes or biting on the plant’s stem or leaves.


Possible Symptoms of Cherry Tomato Poisoning

When your pet dog has ingested some green bits of a cherry tomato plant, monitor it closely for symptoms of cherry tomato poisoning.


The adverse signs of excessive cherry tomato consumption include:

  • Disturbed Gastrointestinal (GI) Condition
  • Adverse effects on the heart and circulatory system
  • Coordination loss
  • Weakness of muscle
  • Sudden tremors
  • Epileptic tendencies



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Should I Worry If My Dog Eats Cherry Tomatoes?

Generally, you do not have to. The diagnosis of pets with tomato poisoning is usually mild.


But if there are any other effects, especially the symptoms above, contact the veterinarian as these symptoms could lead to more severe health issues.


You must be prompt with this to react fast and counter any side effects that your dog may be suffering from.


In most cases, a simple treatment will remedy the problem.


But in more severe cases, the vet may advise you to admit your dog to the clinic for more observation and other medical treatment.



So, can dogs eat cherry tomatoes?


The response is yes or no.


Mature cherry tomatoes are deemed non-toxic to our dogs and should be fed as a casual snack in moderation.


Meanwhile, unripe cherry tomatoes must be discouraged.


Overall, go for ripe ones and call it a day.


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