Can Dogs Protect You From Evil Spirits? (What Dog Owners Says)

Can Dogs Protect You From Evil Spirits

Has your dog ever barked at nothing but with aggressiveness?


Or their fur flared upon their necks, seeming like there is something that you cannot see?


Unfortunately, if this has happened, there might be evil spirits haunting your house.


However, the good news is your dog is warding them off.


It can tell good from evil with no hesitation by its natural reaction.


As their owner, you can gauge their responses to whether they are positive or negative.


Either folklore or dogs can detect invisible and unexplainable spirits, detected by their sixth canine sense.


It is comforting to know your dog is busy keeping watch and warding the evil spirits away.


Yes, your dog can protect you, their owner, from evil spirits. With sources from both folklore or fact, their responses can gauge whether they feel an unusual presence lingering that you as a human may not be able to handle.

Your dog’s response can be from any of the senses that your canine has, especially its sixth sense. The canine’s sixth sense can be his sensitive hearing or sense of smell or special rod eye receptors that detect even the smallest light flickers.

The sense of smell of a dog is 10,000 times more than that of a human being. In addition, his sensitive hearing enables him to hear much higher frequencies, four times far than the distance a person hears.


It is total, mind-blowing how in 2004, before the Indian Ocean tsunami, dogs and other animals seemed to sense the impending tsunami.


It was visible from how their behaviors changed.


They would inform people through their vocals.


Some animals refused to get out while the rest would run for cover.


Experts say dogs and other animals can sense vibrational changes on land before any major land tragedy such as earthquakes or tsunamis.


Dogs cannot talk and tell us what they see or hear or even explain their reactions.


There is no way to explain what is going on with a dog.


Especially when you are maybe taking a walk, and they hasten their pace or bark at something you cannot see, dog owners often brush it off as anxiety or a reaction to a weird smell.


The simplest explanation is that there is a possibility that the dog is barking at an unfamiliar spirit, energy, or entity. Despite there being no hard evidence from scientists, most dog owners have stories of such experiences happening to them.


Reactions Of Dogs Who See Evil Spirits

dog peekabo

The instances where dogs have been said to have seen or felt the presence of an evil spirit exists.


The dogs tend to show physical signs that can come out aggressive such as the ones below:

  • Growling
  • Snaring
  • Hiding
  • Grinning their teeth
  • Whimpering and grinning




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Reasons Why Dogs Are Suspected To See Evil Spirits


1. Your perceptions

Most dog behaviors are a mystery to their owners.


But when we put some examples into perspective, it leaves us wondering if the unimagined can have reasons.


Dr. Mary Burch says that some dogs may exhibit some behaviors that may make their own think that there is some paranormal activity.


This happens when their owner believes in such activities.


The dogs show behaviors that will look like they are sensing a spirit is nearby.


It may be exhibited by a dog standing at a specific position in the house, and later the owner finds out that someone had initially died at that spot.


She concludes and says this might also be a little farfetched.


She further says, when a dog barks at nothing and the owner thinks it’s a ghost.


However, prophecy cannot be proved by science.


The only thing science can prove is the five basic senses of a dog.


2. Their sixth sense

black and white image of a dog

The gut feeling humans have when something is not right, dogs have it too. It is their sixth sense.


They are open to trusting and believing those feelings.


Unlike man, who is inclined to analyzing what they are feeling and ruling out the possibility of what may seem as evil auras or spirits.


If the dog’s owner is used to coming home at 4 pm from work, the dog will always be waiting at the door for them.


This is due to the repetition of the exact arrival time by their owner.


However, if the owner decides to change their arrival time, and the dog still runs to the door to wait for them, we might say that unexplained behavior is their sixth sense.


The ability of them to sense natural disasters is beyond human capability.


According to Hartstein, natural phenomena and barometric pressure have odors beyond recognition by human noses but sensitive to dogs’ senses of smell.


3. Their sensitive sensory organs

Dog’s level of hearing surpasses that of humans.


They can hear extremely high-pitched noises from a very long distance.


Their auditory perception also helps them perceive the world better and in a vast way compared to people.


These attributes may also be connected to their ability to detect different and unfamiliar spirits and phenomena that we cannot fathom.


Their vision is more expansive and allows them to see objects at a greater distance.


They can see in the twilight, see better during the day and at night.


As humans, it is hard to walk during the night, we depend on light, but dogs do not.


Their powerful sight sense helps them notice what we cannot detect by our bare eyesight.


Dogs are incredible and fascinating creatures.


There are still many uncertainties as to what they can sense and what they cannot.


Their senses are highly tuned to the universe that allows them to view the world in a much broader way, different from the way we do.


These attributes may explain why they would bark at nothing or seem tensed while their owner cannot see anything.


It remains a mystery whether their senses can pick up paranormal activities, unknown forms, and unfamiliar energies.



According to dog owners, when their dogs sense weird energies around, they will bark, or fur will flare upon their necks or would look anxious.


They cannot explain these behaviors, but those who believe in paranormal activities have it that they may sense unfamiliar energies around.


Science has no way of proving whether this is true but, we can attribute it to their susceptible sensory organs.


Do they protect their owners from evil spirits?


Yes. According to dog owners, they believe the dogs ward the evil spirits away.


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