Can Dogs Run On Cement And Concrete?

Can Dogs Run On Cement And Concrete

Most dogs love chasing things and running around the yard.


Chances are you’re your dog will love running as a sport.


Have you wanted a workout partner? The pros of dogs as a running partner are many.


If your dog loves running, then you are in luck. Running is a good bonding experience for you and your dog.


Additionally, running keeps the weight of both of you in check.


The most thrilling feeling is when your canine rubs you with their cold nose in the morning you go for a run; how do you say no?


Can dogs run on cement and concrete? No. according to experts, dogs running barefoot is not a problem. The only problem comes when they are supposed to run on concrete, gravel, asphalt, or hard surfaces.

These surfaces stress the dog’s body and lead to the dog getting injuries on the damaged nails, paws, paw pads, or legs. They are not recommended surfaces for pet-friendly environments because of their slow but dangerous effect on your dog’s pas.


Do not forget, do not let your dog run on concrete or gravel. It hurts them or rips their paws.


It may seem extreme when someone tells you not to get used to running with your dog or letting your dog run on concrete.


But it is essential to listen to them.


Dogs are most likely to get injuries on their legs, muscles, bones, and joints from all the pavement and concrete running.


Just like human beings who have been running for a long time on pavements, most of them complain of bone, muscle, sole, and legs aching.


So save your dog from all the pain and torture by buying and installing for them the best running surfaces.


This article will advise you on the best surfaces to let your dog walk and run on.


What are the types of surfaces for a dog run?

Making sure your best friend has fun and does enough exercise is essential to their well-being.


As their owner, the best thing you can is to provide a safe outdoor running surface.


Flooring designs are vital as they determine how easy it is to clean them and protect your canine from weather extremes.


1. Dirt or grass options

dog running on dirt

Dirt or grass is the cheapest and easiest solution.


You do not incur any purchasing and installation costs.


You only have to use the available resources.


It is also advantageous because, during summer, it stays cool, and both are comfortable for your dog’s paws.


However, both of them make your dog dirty, especially during the rainy seasons.


Furthermore, you need to ensure no poisonous plants, toxic weeds, and insects that your dog may intake and cause them harm.


The area also should have pet safe control measures put up in place.


2. Synthetic grass

Synthetic grass looks exactly like natural grass.


However, it easier to clean and does have much work when cleaning and upkeep.


It can be pretty costly to purchase and install.


It costs $2 to $8 per square foot plus the installation cost is from $6 to $20 per square foot.


3. Wood floors

Some owners prefer using wooden platforms for their dogs.


They are placed over gravel, rocks, or concrete so that they can be able to drain water when cleaning.


It is important to consider using paint that is dog friendly so that they will not rot after some time.


It is advantageous since it is easy to move them either when moving out or changing the run location.


Wood is not that expensive and varies from place to place depending on the type of wood and whether you build them yourself.


Six by eight cedar boards cost about $10, while pine varies from $3 to $4.



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4. Composite decking

Composite decking looks somewhat like wood but is more weather-resistant, does not become moldy or get mildew, and is easy to clean.


The material lasts longer than wood and does not require one to paint. It also does not stain.


The design you want is what depends on the price you will pay.


But, a five-by-eight board costs about $12 to $15 each.


It is also advisable to purchase a two-by-four composite deck board plank for about $50 and fit several of them together to your desire composite deck.


5. Crushed limestone

limestone flooring

Crushed and compacted limestone creates a smooth surface.


This is a relatively running surface for your dog. It is suitable for most kinds of weather.


Crushed limestone flooring also helps the urine smell and feces down because of its lime properties. It drains well and is easy to hose down.


It does not heat up as much as other rocks do in summer.


Per square foot, crushed limestone costs up to $1.80.


6. Rubber matting the floor

Rubber matting is mainly used in dog daycares. It is easy to clean, softer on dog paws, and absorbs shock better.


The mats can be interlocked and placed in the design that you want.


They offer a variety of mats depending on the weather in your area.


The smallest size, a three by four sheet, costs about $90.


The mats can also be used in kennels and purchased per square foot at $2.50/ it is also possible to buy vinyl mats for $3 per square foot.



Deciding what material to use on your dog’s running floor is crucial.


It involves your budget and the size and shape of your yard or the running area.


Some of the running surfaces are cheaper compared to others.


Scratching your pockets a bit deeper will save you in the future.


You will choose the best and long-lasting solution.


The best solution will save from tedious cleaning and upkeep.


Determining the surface also depends on your dog’s personality and energy level to ensure your dog’s comfort.


Do not let your best friend run on concrete or cement; it is not worth the pain and agony they will go through after some time.


Choose the best for your canine and watch them have fun as they exercise and become fit.


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