Can Dogs Smell Through Mason Jars?

Can Dogs Smell Through Mason Jars

Many believe that dogs can smell through anything.

They have been branded as the “super smeller” and have proved to help recover missing items, illegal items, and even missing persons.

Whether something is hidden behind walls, beneath floors, and even inside the pockets of your bags, a dog can indeed find it!

It begs the question – can dogs smell through mason jars?


There may be moments when you keep snacks away from your dogs and put them in mason jars. However, you are not sure if it is effective. Well, the answer really depends on the food and the jar.


If you are going to make some things “dog-proof,” all you have to do is hide the aroma or the scent that these items give out.


Can Dogs Smell Through Mason Jars?

mason jar in three colors

It depends.

If the mason jar is sealed tight enough to contain the aroma of the thing kept inside it, dogs will not detect that smell.

However, if the mason jar is not closed tight enough, then chances are, the scent will escape the container.

And your dog will be able to smell right through it.


You can also try to mask ascent to put the item inside a protected pouch before placing it inside a mason jar.

There are smell-proof bags that will surely keep the aroma of the dog treats at bay and even mask its scent.

Smell-proof bags have an activated carbon lining that traps the odor inside each bag.

This activated carbon technology makes sure that even the faintest of smell will not be leaving the corners of these bags.


After sealing it in a smell-proof container, you can put it in an airtight container (like a mason jar) to provide an extra layer of protection.

These mason jars create a vacuum inside, not allowing any air to flow outside the container.



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How to Know If A Dog Can Smell Through An Airtight Container

If you want to test whether your dog can smell the item you put inside a mason jar, you can check your dog’s body language for some tell-tale signs:

  • Ears are slightly raised
  • Sniffing around the area where the mason jar is placed
  • Tracking or following a scent around
  • Staying at a specific location for extended periods
  • Positioned or sitting on alert


You have to remember that a dog’s sense of smell is a thousand or even a million times better than a human’s sense of smell.

It is why dogs accompany the police to search for explosives, drugs, or even other persons.


Take, for instance, cooking a meal.

A person can smell the dish’s aroma, but dogs, however, can smell every ingredient included in that recipe.

Therefore, trying to hide those dog treats by masking them with another scent will not work.

Because your dog will be able to distinguish clearly which one is which.


What Instances Can A Dog Smell Through an Airtight Container?

dog found food on refrigerator

Although you can hide ascent from a dog by putting it in airtight containers, there can still be instances when this trick will not work.

Here are some of them:


1. Using cheap plastic and container bags

Of course, you get the quality you pay for. If you have paid for an affordable item, then do not expect its quality to be the best one out there.

The scent of what you are trying to hide from your dog can quickly leave the porous surface of your cheap container.

And if your dog cannot smell it now, it will be able to sometime soon.


2. The layer of scent

Keeping something in a container for an extended period will develop a layer of scent not just inside the container but around it too.


3. Being careless

Picture this. You are trying to hide those treats from your dog, so you store them on a mason jar.

You take them out one by one from their packaging, put them in a smell-proof bag, then put the smell-proof bag inside the mason jar.

Now you seal the mason jar shut so that there is no chance for the air inside to go out.


However, you forgot that the hands you used to transfer those treats from their original packaging to the smell-proof container are also the same hands you used to seal the mason jar.

Now, the smell of the treat is all over the jar, and all attempts to rid your dog of it failed.


Key Takeaway

So, can dogs smell through mason jars? The answer is it depends.

Sure, you can conceal the smell of a particular thing from your dog for some time by going through a very meticulous process.


Still, the longer it gets, the higher the chances your dog has of finding whatever it is you are trying to hide from him.

Although there are some materials like smell-proof bags and mason jars that can help mask the scent or odor or a sure thing.

Time will come when the smell trapped inside would go through the porous surface of these containers give away its location to your dog.


If it is merely a treat you have been trying to keep away from your dog, then maybe you can give your furry friend a few bites every once in a while, to stop them from sniffing around it every time.

However, it is advisable not to conceal anything you should not have in the first place.

Because after all, just as no one can escape the eyes of the law, nothing can escape the noise of a dog (specially trained ones).


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