Can Two Male Dogs Get Stuck Together?

Can two male dogs get stuck together?

Have you ever found your dogs in a compromising position, like humping each other or one mounting the other?


If you have more than one dog, it’s perfectly natural to wonder if they are going to get stuck together.


And if they do, what can you do about it? Here’s why male dogs hump (or mount) each other and whether or not they can get stuck together during this behavior.


Can two male dogs get stuck together?

Yes, male dogs can get stuck together.


It’s called dog docking, and it’s a pretty common phenomenon where two male dogs get their penises stuck together.


The dogs are often playing when one will mount the other from behind and their penises become interlocked.


But it’s not always a plaything—there are some cases where male dogs have gotten stuck together because of sexual activity.


It happens more often in intact males than neutered ones (though that doesn’t mean neutering will prevent it entirely), since neutered animals tend to be less dominant than others.


The good news is that there are usually only minor complications if you separate your two lovers right away.


But if you wait too long, they might develop abscesses or infections from being stuck together so long and start bleeding internally as well as externally.


Can a male dog penetrate another male dog?

two male dogs


Typically, male dogs don’t get stuck together during play.


However, there have been some cases where it has happened.


If this does happen, the dog may be hurt and embarrassed by the event.


You shouldn’t let this happen because it can lead to dangerous situations for both humans and animals in your neighborhood.



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Does it hurt a dog to get mounted by another dog?

When two male dogs are very affectionate to each other, it can lead them to get stuck together.


The technical term for this is “homoeroticism” and is considered to be normal behavior in the canine world.


Dogs are social animals and enjoy being with others, especially other canines that they consider friends or family members.


This type of behavior isn’t uncommon among male dogs who have been raised together since puppyhood, but it can also happen between any two male dogs who have become friendly enough with each other that they feel comfortable showing their affection in this way.


As you might imagine, getting stuck together doesn’t usually cause serious injury or pain for either animal involved—unless there are sharp teeth involved during removal!



As we’ve discussed, it’s not unusual for male dogs to mount and try to tie with other male dogs.


While they can get stuck together in the process, you should never be too worried about this happening since there are many ways to handle it.


Simply be sure that the two dogs are able to disengage on their own, as forcing them apart can cause injury.


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