Can You Get Scammed on Lancaster puppies?

Can You Get Scammed on Lancaster puppies

When you’re looking to adopt a new puppy, it’s tempting to use websites like Lancaster Puppies.


But are they safe?


Although Lancaster Puppies is a legitimate site, reports of scams have surfaced.


Use the tips in this article to stay safe while shopping for your new furry friend.


What is Lancaster Puppie’s, and How Does it Work?

Lancaster Puppies is a website that allows users to connect with breeders and purchase puppies.


The site was created by Lancaster Puppy Co., owned by Tyler Gorham and Ryan Gellis.


On the surface, Lancaster Puppies seems like an easy way to find the perfect puppy or dog for your family and home.


While this may be true, there are some things you should know before buying a dog from this site or any other website for that matter.


Is Lancaster puppies a legit site? 

lancaster puppies


Lancaster Puppies is a legit site.


This means that it has been around for some time and is known to be reliable.


That doesn’t mean the location can’t scam you, but you’re unlikely to get scammed if you use them.



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Can You Get Scammed on Lancaster Puppies?

There is a lot of scamming that goes on in the puppy business.


To avoid being scammed when buying a puppy from Lancaster, you should:


Research the breeder

The more research you do and the more references you ask for, the less likely you’ll be scammed.


Ask for a health guarantee from your puppy’s breeder or seller.

This should include an agreement that they will take back any dog if it becomes ill within 30 days of purchase or has genetic defects within two years of purchase (depending on breed).


The seller will also want to stamp out any health problems at this time, so it doesn’t cost them any money later down the road.


Background check the breeders

Ask for references from previous buyers who have bought puppies from this particular breeder before.


look up those references yourself by calling them directly rather than just relying on their words alone since they may not know everything there is about how their dogs turned out; once taken home by new owners!



How Can I Avoid Scams from Lancaster Puppies?

There are a few things that you can do to avoid scams when purchasing your Lancaster puppy.


Do your research

Google the breeder and ask around locally. Who has bought puppies from this person before?


What were their experiences like?


Is there anything wrong with this particular breed of dogs, for example, deafness, large size, etc.?


It’s always best to know as much as possible about the animal before committing yourself.


Look for red flags

If for some reason, the breeder is not willing or able to show pictures of their dogs on their website; or does not provide any information about where they live (city/state), then something might be up!


Make sure that you know exactly where your puppy came from; because if he turns out sickly or defective in any way, then at least they have some legal recourse against them if necessary



Ultimately, Lancaster Puppies is where you can find some adorable puppies to adopt. If you’re looking for a new best friend, why not hop on over and look at the available pups?


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